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Digital Input Modules(optical isoalator)

These modules act as input or output modules for PLCs or other digital controllers. The digital output (DO) modules have the added convenience of providing trigger/switching signal to the relays from the PLC by use of a DSUB Connector. The digital input (DI) modules provide isolation between two-wire field sensors and the input of controllers like PLC. Also, the connection between the digital input module and the PLC is through a convenient DSUB Connector. Both of these modules have an added safety feature of glass fuses. The power terminals on the modules help provide a power signal to either the load (DO) or the sensors (DI). In addition to the DSUB Connector, standard PCB Terminal Blocks are also provided for connecting the input signals

  • IMDI16/xx
    16CH Digital Input Module With optical Isolation
    Housing MaterialPVC / V0 Grade
    Housing Colour Green
    Mounting PossibilityDIN 32/DIN 35/DIN 35-15 Rail
    Relay on Indication
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Digital Input Modules(Optoisolator)