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Connectwell Boosts its Supply Chain with Factory integrated Automated Warehousing

Our New Factory Integrated Automated Warehousing
Our New Factory Integrated Automated Warehousing

As a part of Connectwell’s endeavour to constantly evolve and keep surpassing customer expectations, we have successfully developed and integrated an automated warehouse into our factory systems.

This warehouse is truly factory integrated allowing for storage and handling of raw materials, semi finished components and finished products. The integration of ASRS from Finished Goods right back up to Raw Materials allows for substantial gains in the entire supply chain.

The new automated warehouse is powered by a custom built warehouse management system that brings in machine intelligence into a traditional manual work domain like warehousing.

Some of the Benefits that customers can expect as a result of this new system being live are:

  1. Faster Deliveries
  2. Error Free Deliveries – Automated & Verified Packing Lists
  3. True Batch Managed Products
  4. Error Free Shipping Documentation


Also with the automation of warehouse Connectwell customers can expect a future ready company willing to and being able to change and adapt to the needs of the market.