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Connectwell Releases Beta Version of Product Configurator

Connectwell Releases Beta Version of Product Configurator

Connectwell is proud to announce the launch of its Product Configurator on its website:

The Product Configurator allows our customers to configure and visualize Custom Assemblies of Terminal Blocks.

This highly intuitive tool requires practically no training to begin, all it takes is a simple free of cost registration on the connectwell website at the below mentioned link:

Some very useful features of the configurator are:

-        Auto Correction of Assemblies - Allowing for the less experienced users to build their own assemblies on the first try.

-        On completion of an assembly the user can download :

  • Bill of Material of the Assembly
  • Easily Importable 3D file for visualization and re-use.
  • 2D PDF file for easy visualization without any CAD interface.

-        In addition customers can also request for quotes of the assembly from within the software.

The Product Configurator is currently available in three languages: English, Chinese and Portuguese.

For a better understanding of how the configurator works, you may also visit the below link, which gives you a quick understanding of how easy it is to configure your own Terminal Block Assemblies: