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Terminal Block Materials

Connectewll terminal blocks are made of carefully selected materials, insulating materials, clamping and conducting metals which are subjected to strict quality control as demanded by stringest international standards.

Clamping Screws

One of the most important parts of the terminal block is the screw. Quality of the connection depends mainly on quality of the screw.  The screw must not get damaged, should withstand a higher torque than that stipulated in specification. The screw should not even at the highest stress, weld with the metal of the main thread.

Connectwell terminal block employ cold forged rolled threaded steel screws. In cold forged rolled threaded screw, material is compressed and therefore strengthened. Whereas in turned screw, material is removed between the threads when it is cut. Because of this and the stress concentration on the neck of the screw, the turned screw is considerably weaker in strength.

The screws are zinc plated and chromate passivated for good galvanic surface.

Clamping Yokes

Clamping yokes in carefully selected grade of steel ensure high torque performance necessary for gas tight connection. The clamping components (both screws and yokes) are electroplated

with zinc and passivated by additional golden yellow chromate coat. Zinc provides cathodic protection to steel. Therefore the effect of protection against corrosion is still retained even when plating is partially damaged by scratches or pores.

The clamping components of some of Connectwell terminal blocks are made of copper alloys. Such components are electroplated with either nickel or tin to ensure oxidation free performance

Current Carrying / Conducting Components

The current carrying / conducting components / current bars are made of electrolytic grade copper or copper alloy to ensure very low contact resistance. The components are electroplated with tin / nickel / tin-lead to provide oxidation free contact.