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Professional Tool Material Details

In order to have secure connections, not only is it important to use good quality terminal blocks but also correct tools for securing these connections. Connectwell has a range of ergonomically designed professional tools for all your wiring needs. The tri-molded handles of these screwdrivers allow the users to exert 50% additional torque over conventional screwdrivers.

All this and more to ensure that you have . . .The Right Connection

Material 1 - Specially formulated hard material prevents
blades from turning. Handles are injection moulded around
blades for maximum strength and durability.

Material 2 - Soft TPE material, specially formulated for
best torque transmission. It has an integrated diamond pattern area for better hand grip and air ventilation between the hand and the handle.

Material 3 -  Specially formulated reinforced material,
impact resistant even at lower temperatures
to prevent handle damage.


Professional Tools