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Connectwell solutions for a German HVAC leader
January 2022

Air conditioning for high-end applications like clean rooms and heat extraction industries, require high-quality HVAC systems built to perform. When it comes to this kind of operational reliability, few can compare with our client who is an HVAC specialist with over 40 years of experience in indoor climate customization. The systems they build for maximum cooling and minimum floor space are in high demand for data centers, compact server rooms, hospital operation theaters, industrial clean rooms, food processing units, semi conductor manufacturing and other businesses that require specialised air conditioning systems.

The Challenge

This German leader in the HVAC industry was in the process of developing an advanced HVAC system, which was designed to offer maximum cooling capacity and potentialspace saving, in a minimal footprint. The manufacturer had to surmount the following challenges in bringing its new system to market:

1) Hundreds of individual sensors for temperature and air flow management were required to be terminated inside a new compact panel.

2) To facilitate the complex circuitry of the controller, various signals needed distribution, which required a safer and quicker jumpering solution than the usual daisy-chain wiring.

3) Time was of the essence, as the manufacturer’s clients were often critical projects and the HVAC system would need drastic reduction in machine wiring cycle time.

The Connectwell Solution

On analysis of the core system requirements, Connectwell offered the following solution.

1) To minimize the cycle time for wiring, the Connectwell CP-series push-in terminal blocks were used, which allows for 400% faster, tool-free wiring with prepared wires.

2) Connectwell offered the world’s thinnest terminal CP 1.5 (Just 3.5mm) which could save 40% space on the DIN rail and also presented the CPDL 1.5 which could save 70% space on the DIN rail.

3) Connectwell also provided its pluggable jumpering solution which facilitated the signaldistribution along with twin-row jumpering facility of CP series push-in terminal blocks.

A positive outcome

The ability to support one of the world’s leading specialists in air conditioning systems was a prestigious project for Connectwell. More so when it satisfied the high quality standards and excellence that German companies demand. The Connectwell solution was able to assist in developing the advanced HVAC system, in a smaller footprint, with a shorter time to operational qualification for critical projects.



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