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Improving Service Reliability at Chumbao Hydroelectric Power Plant
July 2021

Slide Disconnect Terminal Blocks for critical hydal power generation plant.

With the increasing demand for clean, sustainable electricity , power supply companies in Peru are discovering the need to make their power generation and grid infrastructure more resilient and reliable.

Electro Sur Este SAA (ESESAA) is a Peruvian electric service provider that faces this issue. Responsible for the distribution of electricity, in the remote mountainous regions of Cusco, Apurímac, Madre de Dios, in the Cayarani province of Peru, the company floated a requirement to improve the service reliability at its Chumbao Hydroelectric Power Plant located at an altitude of over 5400 feet on the Chumbao River.

The Electro Sur Este SAA (ESESAA) tender for speed controllers was answered by our client, Grupo Técnico Kilowatt SRL (GRETEK) - a specialist in automatic voltage regulation, speed and generation automation technical support, and emergency solutions.

The Challenge

To fulfil the ESESAA tender, GRETEK faced a number of challenges that had to be supported with robust systems. 


-  Generators suffering a loss of excitation needed to be isolated from grid and other generators to prevent cascade damage.

-  To detect loss of excitation, constant monitoring of generator current and voltage was required through the Current Transformer and Power Transformer.

-  To facilitate the connection of Current Transformer, a specially designed terminal block was required to protect the operator from high voltage shock hazard, which could occur due to accidental open circuit of current transformer

-  As the Current Transformer and Voltage Transformer were connected with sensitive relays, they needed to be calibrated periodically to confirm no deterioration in output which could cause generator operation problems

GRETEK’s solution was to install internal arc proof panel with generator release functionality due to loss of excitation. The panel was equipped with removable vacuum power switches and generator unhooking - conforming  to IAC AFLR 25KAx1s and operating in 4160V@2800msnm

The Connectwell Solution

To support GRETEK in building a resilient panel with all the qualities sought for in the ESESAA tender, Connectwell provided its screw clamp series terminal blocks. These dependable terminal blocks have proven to be vibration proof and making gas tight connections, with over a billion connections made over 4 decades.

Connectwell provided the Slide Disconnect type terminal block CDS6U with its unique SLS2 accessories, which allows shorting of current transformer before disconnection protecting Testing engineers from Shock hazards.

Design of the CDS6U allows test points at both ends of the connections which enables standard test probe or signal generator probe insertion from both ends. This allows testing of Current transformer and calibration of relays or accuracy class checking of meters without disconnecting wires and safely isolating current transformer and meters.

A Successful Outcome

GRETEK was able to successfully build the internal arc proof switchgear panel supported by the dependable performance of the Connectwell screw clamp series terminal blocks. It will go a long way in ensuring that the people of Peru can have continuous access to clean electric power without the risk of frequent power generation downtimes.

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