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Connectwell Screw Clamp Terminal Blocks for 1500V DC applications
January 2022
The rise of Solar power and higher voltage systems

As the world continues to shift to renewable sources of energy, there has been an increased need for higher-voltage PV systems in the photovoltaic (PV) sector. As a result of the increased demand, UL has developed  assessment and certification guidelines for 1500V PV modules. Today, PV modules, junction boxes, cables, and connections are assessed in accordance with UL and seek to address any electrical hazards associated with the higher voltage.

AC versus DC utilisation

Although standard products can be utilised in the AC sector of solar electrical systems, DC application requires a far more specialised approach. PV panels are connected to form a string in order to reduce cable losses and increase the system voltage. As PV systems can have off-load voltages of up to 1500 V DC, it can strain regular components to the limits of their design capacities. In contrast to AC voltage, the DC voltage also makes it relatively easy for creepage distances to form on the surface of insulating materials. As a result,component air clearances and creepage distances for PV or other high voltage applications must be enhanced significantly.

High altitude performance of Connectwell Terminal Blocks

Connectwell offers conventional screw clamp connection type terminal blocks that aredesigned for extremely high voltage applications such as PV Solar AC-DC, DC-DC Panels (1500V DC). These terminal blocks are used in string combiner boxes, array junction boxes and distribution panels of solar applications. A real-world installed and tested advantage is that Connectwell terminal blocks are rugged enough for use in electrical systems installed at high altitudes (~5000 meters asl). This harsh environment capability enhances thereliability and safety margins of the electrical system. Another key advantage is that Connectwell High Voltage terminal blocks are compact and accept wires from 0.2 to 10 and are available in current ranges from 32A to 57A. This helps cut costs of installation and wiring time.

Why choose Connectwell HighVoltage Terminal Blocks

Every Connectwell product is tested both in a lab setting as well as in real world settings. As a result of these testing informed product design and manufacture, Connectwell Terminal Blocks offer beyond expected tolerances and capabilities for high voltage applications. Here are some of the advantages offered:

  • Higher operating voltage 1500V DC for demanding applications such as Solar PV grids
  • Funnel-type guided wire entry for quicker wiring times
  • Dimensional profile matched terminals blocks for 4, 6, 10 wire sizes
  • Common end plate for the entire series to enable design standardisation


For more information on how Connectwell High Voltage Terminal Blocks perform in high voltage as well as high altitude projects, contact us today.