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Terminal Block Assembly

Terminal Block Assembly

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Terminal Block Assembly - A smart solution

With an evolving industrial environment, customers require a flexible and efficient wiring solution with zero compromises on reliability. Connectwell has designed an innovative solution that has been gaining popularity with both panel builders as well as machine manufacturers.

Connectwell's Terminal Block Assembly, as the name suggests is a tailor-made assembly of terminal blocks and accessories designed by us or our customers as per circuit requirements. While assembling Terminal Blocks and equipping panels; accessories like End plate, End clamp, Partition plate, Separator Plate, Marker strip, shorting links are added as per customers' requirement right down to the last detail.

Accessories 1

These pre-assembled blocks save time by simplifying the installation process resulting in improved efficiency. These assemblies are 100% tested and checked by our Quality Control department.

The Virtual Config allows you to configure and visualize custom assemblies of Terminal Blocks.

It is a highly intuitive online tool that requires no special training to design the assembly. With the help of Auto Correction, the Product Configurator enables new users to successfully build their own assemblies correctly. Users can log on to our website and register to use the configurator at free of cost.

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  • Advantage of using our assembled blocks:

-        Customized solution built to your circuit requirement.

-        Time-Saving

-        Plated and slotted din rails are cut to the required length and
         then re-plated to avoid corrosion on the exposed ends

-        Assembly blocks come with pre-marked tags suited to customers’
         requirements E.g.: alphanumeric, alphabets, numbers or
         even electric symbols.

-        Less inventory to purchase and keep on-hand.

-        The assemblies are 100% inspected and checked by our
         Q/C department.


  • Applications:

Machine Manufacturers, OEM’s, Industry Control, Automation, Rail Transportation, Communication, Electric Power, Elevators, and Escalators etc.

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