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Super-compact Connectwell Micro Terminal Blocks
September 2021

A few decades ago it wouldn’t be uncommon for industrial electrical infrastructure to occupy massive, dedicated floor space. Project engineering and planners had to always take into account electrical component sizes and space utilisation requirements. While the allocated floor space has reduced over time, panel builders and electrical engineers still find that usable space is at a premium. So, how is this possible, despite the miniaturization of electrical components and elements? Much of this space consumption is due to more mechanical processes being electrically automated. This has placed an elevated demand on the electrical infrastructure, which needs to support far more operational processes within a limited space. Consequently, cable and point density have grown and are getting increasingly saturated.

Clearly, this is challenging for electrical automation fulfillment in urban and high density areas, where standard terminal blocks can adversely impact panel space and component utilisation.

It’s time to get a micro footprint

Engineers can now save greater installation space when designing with Connectwell Micro Terminal Blocks. Lightweight and compact, these Micro Terminal Blocks are specially developed to accommodate the same level of cable density as standard terminal blocks, in a much smaller footprint. A valuable advantage for applications constrained by restricted spaces and the need for functional safety margins.

Types of Connectwell Micro Terminal Blocks

Connectwell Micro Terminal Blocks are available in a variety of technology solutions based on application requirements.

A. Based on connection technology

1) Screw Connection: Clamping screws and yokes hold the wires firmly inside the terminal block.

2) Spring Connection: A wire is easily inserted by actuating the spring clamp with an appropriate sized screwdriver or tool.

B. Based on wire entry-orientation

Top Entry : Wire entry is from the top and is available with spring connection technology

Side Entry : Wire entry through a guided funnel on the side and is available in both screw and spring connection technology.

C. Based on number of connections.

Multiple connections/ poles are available for accommodating 2 and 4 conductor connections, which can accommodate 2 and 4 wires, respectively.

D. Based on mounting

Connectwell Micro Terminal Blocks are available in two mounting versions - with DIN 15 DIN rail mounting or directly on mounting plates to eliminate the need for DIN Rails.



Connectwell Micro Terminal Blocks comply with international standards, as well as 5 global hazlock certifications. 

Designed for limited space applications

Connectwell Micro Terminal Blocks offer significant space savings at every level. Beyond the micro size that offers greater wire flexibility in comparison to standard terminal blocks, Connectwell Micro Terminal Blocks can also be stacked to form a compact assembly. An advantage that enables a wide spectrum of restricted space applications including electrical industry panels, junction boxes for lighting, luminaire fittings and smaller cabinets in the machine industry. As the blocks offer two different wire entry-orientation possibilities, in a size range from 0.2 sq mm to 4 sq mm, selection can also be matched to specific application requirements.

For more details on how Connectwell Micro Terminal Blocks can save space or for customised products for your automation projects,

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