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July 2021

Spring Clamp Terminal Block 

Screwless technology for heavy-duty applications in vibration prone systems.

Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks do not use conventional screws or screw clamp connectors to hold the wires inside the terminals. Instead, pre-stressed springs are used to clamp the wire against the current bar.

Easy-to-use Spring Clamp system

Manufactured from a special grade of Stainless Steel, the pre-stressed spring clamps connectors offer enhanced efficiencies in bare wire insertion and do not require high-end technical skills.

Step 1: Actuate the spring clamp with appropriate sized screwdriver or actuator tool

Step 2: Insert wire into the now open wire insertion aperture

Step 3: Remove screwdriver from the spring clamp releasing the pressure 

The spring-clamp will automatically snap back into place and lock the wire to the current bar. Disconnecting a pre-inserted wire is just as easy and is simply a matter of compressing the spring clamp.

Use image showing spring clamp Terminal Block actuated with screwdriver for wire insertion

Ideal for vibration-prone applications

Screws tends to progressively loosen under vibrations but the pre-stressed spring clamp technology absorbs shocks and vibrations to keep connections secure. Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks are therefore widely preferred in applications with known vibration-proof requirements.

Preferred areas of usage include:

- Railways: For connections inside engine/bogie rolling stock as well as, signals, track-side junction boxes, station-side power facilities and other electrical connectivity needs

- Heavy-usage machinery: This includes travelators, escalators, elevators, building cranes, service lifts or fixed infrastructure equipment in close proximity to vibration sources.

The Connectwell combination solution of a slim relay Adapter + Prefab cable reduces the multiple wires down to one multi-core cable. Instead of 16 individual wires, a singe prefab cable with a custom build connector can be connected to the PLC/Controller, thus making wiring duct management easy. The adaptor is available in configurations such as Common Positive on the input side and output side, Common Negative on the input as well output side, making customisation easier for individual client requirements. This makes it easy to use along with the DI as well DO instead of Multi-channel relay boards.

Benefits of using screwless, spring clamp system

Beyond the sturdy vibration-mitigation benefits of Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks, there are a whole range of advantages to adopting this technology for wiring and automation needs.

- Lower wiring man-hours:
The spring clamp system takes about 60 per cent less wiring time than conventional screw clamp Terminal Blocks


- Large scale wiring management:
Highly preferred for automation and DCS panel manufactures who have to manage dense wiring conditions inside panels 

Choosing Connectwell Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks

Connectwell offers a versatile range of Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks with wire gauges from 2.5 to 16

Functionalities available include:
- Standard feed through
- Multiple connection
- Multiple level
- Disconnect & Test
- Fuse & Ground/Earthing Terminal Blocks

For more information on a Connectwell Spring Clamp Terminal Block solution for your automation business, panel design or machinery-operation applications, do explore Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks