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Slim Relays & Modular Relays

Slim Relays & Modular Relays


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With an evolving industrial environment, customers require compact and efficient control panels without zero compromises on reliability. Connectwell has designed an innovative solution that has been gaining popularity with both panel builders as well as machine manufacturers.  Relays are universal isolating elements used in the electrical industry with different requirements due to the versatility of the applications. Connectwell’s Slim Relays for switching and control applications occupy about 6mm per channel.   

Connectwell has a wide range of Slim Electromechanical Relay and Solid State relays which are used in various applications like Automations Systems, Transportation Systems, DCS System, PLC protection, Machine Manufacturers.



Why Connectwell Slim Relay-

It can be mounted all types of DIN RAIL.

  1. They come with the additional benefits like being modular and Din Rail mountable with screw and spring clamp connection option.
  2. These products are available in array of standard input voltage ranges from 5V TO 230V AC OR VDC.
  3. Our slim relays are internationally approved with an excellent quality. 
  4. The building material of Connectwell’s slim relay is PA6.6/1; it complies with flammable characteristics as per the UL standard.
  5. Suitable for wire sizes ranging from 0.2-2.5 mm²
  6. Distinct and legible marking with white marker, increases readability of wiring diagram.
  7. Clear visible Green LED to indicate relay coil actuation.
  8. Easy cross connection with the use of push type multi pole shorting links at input and output.
  9. Universal socket for simple exchange of solid state relays and Electromechanical relays.
  10. Integrated input protection circuit available on selected modules.
  11. Versatile connections such as wiring possibility with screw connection and spring clamp connection.


Range of Compact Modules :

CSR1S-XXXX Series Slim Electromechanical Relay

Input voltages:
DC:         5 V, 24V.
AC/DC:   12V, 24 V, 48 – 60 V, 120 V, 230 V.
AC:         230 V AC

CSER1-XXXX Series Slim Solid State Relay

Input voltages:
DC:         24 V
AC/DC:   24 V, 48 – 60 V, 120 V
AC:         230 V

Available in Screw & Spring clamp connection

Available shorting links 2 to 16 Pole, for the easy cross connectivity 


Applications –

Application of the Slim Relays includes Automations Systems, Transportation systems, DCS System, PLC protection, Machine Manufacturers.

Following are some of the application explained depending on the its uses-

Sensor Signal Application –

Low load application such potential free switching or sensor signalling can be done through the Slim Relays.

Transportation –

Due to requirement of the compact products and the input voltage range varying from 80% to 110% Volts; slim relays finds are used in Transportation, especially in railways.

High Temp Application –

Relays in Industry are exposed to the high temperature; Connectwell’s slim relays are designed in to withstand the temperature from -40 to 55 Degree C.

Automation Systems –

Due to the complexity in the design and more number of components the size of the cabinet is increasing with Connectwell Slim Relay, the size of the cabinet can be minimised effectively. Conventional relay modules use 70% more space than the equivalent slim relays.

PLC Protection –

Being the most important device in the automation system, PLC’s are at the centres of the fault occurrence due to the incoming and outgoing signals from or to the fields. Slim Relays are known to be the best protection device for the PC protection for the input and output.

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