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Slim relay module with plug-in adapter offers quicker wiring and a quicker Factory Acceptance Test.
July 2021

As industrial electronics evolve, the issues of multiplying wiring connections continue to grow. For most panel and machine manufacturers, wiring all the different components of switching, isolating and control systems together has become a herculean task. Many are now resorting to outside assistance in completing the wiring. So how can Connectwell slim relay modules with plug-in adapters change the game?

Save up to 95% more time in wiring projects


Wiring time has become a critical definer of a project’s overall implementation projection. Here’s where the Connectwell Slim Relay adapter can cut down wiring man-hours by up to 95%. Built as a compact plug and play adapter and Prefab cable, the relay adaptor enables quick, easy and error-free connections.  The prefab cable is also a ready-made harness, which is connected to the adapter on one side and to the controller/PLC on the other.  The installation requires no special tools, making it low maintenance and easy-to-use.

Untangling the wiring maze

Ask any electrical support engineer what is the worst part of any electrical system and they will immediately talk about the jumble of wiring. Inevitably, legacy wiring leaves a lot to be desired and is a serious issue in many industries. But today, things are changing. Traditionally, if there was a need to wire 8 slim relays, 16 connections had to be made. That translates as 16 connections on the input side as well as on the output side - a total of 32 wires. Taken together with the multiplicity of wires in the duct, it can become a nightmare for system maintenance.

enReducing wire density by multiples of 16

The Connectwell combination solution of a slim relay Adapter + Prefab cable reduces the multiple wires down to one multi-core cable. Instead of 16 individual wires, a singe prefab cable with a custom build connector can be connected to the PLC/Controller, thus making wiring duct management easy. The adaptor is available in configurations such as Common Positive on the input side and output side, Common Negative on the input as well output side, making customisation easier for individual client requirements. This makes it easy to use along with the DI as well DO instead of Multi-channel relay boards.

Mitigating wire termination errors

Another issue with the growing number of connectors, is the potential probability of an increase in wire termination errors. The Connectwell slim relay adapter and prefab cable combination side-steps this problem. Customisation allows system support staff to simply plug a Connectwell adapter into the slim relays and plug the wire into the adapter. This eliminates the chances of human errors.


Every electrical project manager knows that a wiring project is never complete till each circuit is tested. Conventionally, during such a Factory Acceptance Test, a trained technician would require to be at every panel placement. That’s because the technician would have to wire and unwire lines individually from each slim relay during test operations. This is not only laborious, it can delay the project significantly. The Connectwell plug-in slim relay adapter and Prefab solution is a modular system that simplifies the testing to such a degree that it will not require highly skilled technicians to unplug or plug in specific circuits.

The preferred solution for control panel and machine builders


With the quality control, time and manpower saving advantages of the Connectwell Slim Relay, Adapter and Prefab cable, business efficiencies get a major boost. Enabling competitive implementation times as well as quality builds that can revolutionize the business build and test times.