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Sensor Actuator Terminal Blocks
March 2022

In a data driven world, even machines and electrical equipments need sensory and mechanical data to function effectively. Much of that data is in the form of motion creation or object detection. These sensors and devices require precise and stable signal inputs to manage their efficiency without interruptions. Read on to discover more about proximity sensors and actuators, and how their reliability can be ensured for optimum machine efficiencies.

Know more about Proximity Sensors

A proximity sensor, also called a proximity switch, is a type of contactless sensor that is used in many process driven industrial operations. There are various types of proximity sensors that are used in industrial automation such as - Inductive Proximity Sensor, Optical Proximity Sensor, Capacitive Proximity Sensor, Magnetic Proximity Sensor, Ultrasonic proximity Sensor, besides others. While the working principle of individual sensors may vary as per their specific operation, their main function remains the same, which is sensing the presence or absence of an object.

Actuators are devices which convert electrical energy into mechanical motion. There are different types of actuators, which are categorised depending on their movement type (linear or rotary) or on their source (Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electric, etc).

Wiring Sensors and Actuators is a challenge

The wire sizes of sensors and actuators can be as small or less than 0.5 sq. mm (24 AWG). Connecting these kind of wire sizes to a conventional terminal block with a screw connection takes a large amount of time and effort. Also, wiring these kind of devices to individual terminal blocks can take up more space than what is available.

enConnectwell Sensor Terminals are an ideal solution

Connectwell Sensor Terminal Blocks are an ideal choice for control systems where sensor and actuator applications are involved. The simplified connections tremendously increase wiring density in the circuit and saves time, space and their associated costs. These terminals are designed in such a manner as to be easy to connect, at the time of installation, as well as easy to check on during routine maintenance cycles.

Advantages of using Connectwell Sensor and Actuator Terminals

Terminal thickness as low as 3.5 mm

Connectwell Sensor and Actuator Terminal Blocks are ideal for wiring machine control systems as they are extremely compact with a terminal thickness of as low as 3.5 mm. This saves a large amount of space inside control cabinets thereby saving costs.


Accommodates 1.5 sq. mm (24 AWG) wire size

As most sensor wires are extremely thin, Connectwell Sensor Terminal accepts wire dimensions of 1.5 sq. mm (24 AWG) which make it easy to connect.


Push-In Connections

The use of convenient Push-In connections saves time in wiring over traditional screw

connections which absorb more man-hours and associated project costs.


Pluggable Jumpers

With Pluggable jumpers, the system can ensure the distribution of supply to all sensors easily. Dual jumpering channel enables distribution of supply to hundreds of connected sensors through the same power supply Terminal Block.


Blends signal and distribution facility

A single terminal can work as a power distribution connection as well as a signal terminal. Using jumpers, power can easily be distributed to all the sensor terminals. This unique feature ensures that less space is used in the control panel, which helps save time and reduces cost.


Range of choices

Connectwell Sensor and Actuator Terminal Blocks are available in a range of choices which

include terminals for 2 wire sensors or 3 wire sensors, with and without grounding options and with an LED for active signal indication.


Marking facility

Connectwell Sensor and Actuator Terminal Blocks are equipped with a convenient marking

facility that allows the sensor numbering to be read from all angles.

Applications for Connectwell Sensor and Actuator Terminal Blocks

Connectwell Sensor and Actuator Terminal Blocks can be used in a variety of sensor connection applications across industries to deliver efficiency, as well as space and cost reduction. Industries that benefit from Connectwell Sensor and Actuator Terminal Blocks include:

Machine Building Industry

Transportation Industry

Continuous Processes

Building infrastructure



For more details on Connectwell Sensor and Actuator Terminal Blocks or any of the over 20,000 other automation connection products we make, contact us.