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How to select the right Terminal Block?

Selecting the right Terminal Block


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A Terminal Block is a connector for securing two or more wires. It has an internal clamping system for securing wires.

Terminal Blocks are available in four different connection technologies:

Screw Clamp Terminal blocks

Screw Conn



Spring Clamp Terminal blocks

Spring Conn



Push-In Terminal blocks and


Pushin Conn


Stud / Bolt Terminal blocks

Stud Conn


The first step in selecting the right Terminal block is to choose the desired connection technology.

In Screw Clamp Terminal Blocks the wire is secured by inserting the wire in a clamp and the screw is tightened. This is the most commonly used connection technology and has been in use for over 7 decades.. This is a versatile connection system with very high contact forces and is widely used in Control Automation, Instrumentation and Power Distribution applications. It is safe to use bare conductors without any extra preparation of lugging or using different types of Ferrules. Screw clamp Terminal blocks are also suitable for wires crimped with Pin Type or Tubular Lugs.

Tubular Type Lug

Tubular Lug


Pin Type Lug

Pin Type Lug



Stud / Bolt Type Terminal Blocks are generally preferred for connecting power cables.The wires are secured with Nut and Bolt arrangement inside these Terminal Blocks. Stud Type connections are used in applications subject to severe vibrations. In these types of connections wires are crimped with Ring Type or Fork type Lugs/ferrules which are connected to the flat surface of Current Bar inside the Terminal Block.



Fork Type Lug

Fork Type Lug 


Ring Type Lug

Ring Type Lug 



Spring Clamp Terminal Block has pre-stressed spring Clamps which are actuated by using a standard screwdriver for inserting the wire. The wire is directly held against the Current Bar by the pre-stressed Spring Clamp. These type of Terminal Blocks offer Gas tight connections and find their applications in typical wiring condition with heavy vibrations like Lifts, Cranes, Elevators and Railways application like connections inside Rail wagon, Bogie wiring and Signal Junction Box wiring. These are compact Terminal Blocks with unique design and facilitate ease of wiring.



Push in Type Terminal Blocks are next-generation advance design Terminal Blocks. Solid or Lugged wires are simply pushed into the connection points with minimum insertion force. No tools are required for carrying out this action. To release the wire from the terminal block, you can simply press the push button provided on the top of the terminal.


Connectwell offers Terminal Blocks with different functionalities and with different connection methods which can be selected depending upon the applications. Further considerations of electrical parameters such as Current, Voltage and wire sizes to be used, need to be considered for selection of the right Terminal block.