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Quality Excellence Framework
December 2021

Quality is the single most important factor when it comes to any product or service. In an age of fierce market competition, impressive quality has become a key market differentiator for almost all products and services. It also forms the basis of an efficient business that minimizes waste and operates at high levels of productivity. The Connectwell Quality Assurance system is based on globally recognized standards such as IEC, UL, VDE, ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and Lean Six Sigma principles, which provide a strong foundation for achieving a wide range of marketing and operational objectives. The Connectwell quality framework is designed to cover the entire chain from suppliers to customers, where each vertical is dedicated to provide a solid assurance of product and process quality for each functional area such as:

Quality by Design

When 80% of a product’s cost is determined by its design, the final value and acceptability of a product is defined by its quality. It is therefore vital that quality management be integral to the design process to ensure quality deviation is not discovered post shipping, at the customer utilisation stage. Accordingly, Connectwell emphasises stringent quality specifications throughout the design procedure.

Process Control

Connectwell emphasises in-house development of tools and skills for all its quality- related areas. Associates across the organization receive training in problem-solving, to improve skills for identification and elimination of the root causes of inefficiency and waste. Tools and techniques like FMEA, and SPC, which raise the factor of reliability, are used with a focus on improving systems, reducing variability and building quality into all aspects of the business.

Supplier Quality Assurance

Connectwell takes a systems approach to Quality Assurance. It focuses on monitoring and improving supplier product or process quality through periodic Process Audits and implementation of various quality tools and systems, for a continuous cycle of improvement.

Continuous Improvement System

Connectwell has a proven Business Excellence model that drives a cycle of continuous improvement on four customer-facing priorities: Quality, Delivery, Cost and Innovation. Using Lean Six Sigma tools and cross-disciplinary teams of talented people, Connectwell creates and improve processes that result in superior performance and a positive customer experience.


At Connectwell, we have worked to create a proactive culture. To plan ahead, and prevent any inefficiencies. Connectwell manufacturing sites undergo regular and comprehensive audits to ensure product and process quality standards are of the highest order. A commitment to the highest quality standards so that they become the foundations on which customers can build their own reputations with confidence.