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Push-In Terminal Blocks

Push-In Terminal Blocks

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Push-In Terminal Blocks

The CP Series Push-In Terminal Blocks: Ease of PUSH-IN technology, exceptional performance

The new CP Series from Connectwell combines tool-less wiring ease and speed with corrosion free and gas resistant connections that can withstand harsh environments and extreme vibrations. All in an extremely compact and thin configuration of as thin as 3.5 mm thickness

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CP Series PUSH-IN Terminal Blocks Advantage – Time Savings

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CP Series PUSH-IN Terminal Blocks Advantage
–  Withstanding Harsh Environments

The specially designed Spring configurations offer excellent resistance to loosening of wires in extreme environments especially prone to vibrations

The CP Series Terminal Blocks have been subjected to severe Mechanical Vibration and Shock tests as per IEC 60068-2-6 & IEC 61373 guidelines. The CP Series products were subjected to vibrations of upto 300 Hz with displacement of 5 mm, at acceleration of 30 m/sec², in all three axes for a duration of 2 hours on each axis. They were also subjected to 3 mechanical shocks in the positive direction and 3 shocks in negative direction at acceleration of 300 m/sec² in all three axes with pulse duration of 18 milli seconds

With the use of non-ferrous metals, CP series terminal blocks are suited for extremely harsh environmental conditions like Marine applications and Chemical plants


CP Series PUSH-IN Terminal Blocks Advantage – Tool-less Wiring Possibility

Possibility of making connections without tools, with assured secureness of wire connection independent of operator or human skill

CP Series enable easy wire connection of both solid and fine-stranded conductors with ferrules by simply pushing them into the terminal block

  • No special tools required. A standard screwdriver will be adequate to actuate the clamps for
    connecting fine-stranded conductors without ferrules
  • Large conductor entry point for ease of wire insertion
  • Minimum insertion force needed to connect smaller guage wires
  • Extremely large pull out values achieved as the spring acts against pull out forces

IEC Standard for 2.5 Sq. mm. wires

>  Connectwell acheivement for 2.5 Sq. mm. wire Terminals

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CP Series PUSH-IN Terminal Blocks Advantage – 3.5 mm Thin

The specially designed clamping mechanism ensures that extremely thin product configurations can be created. With only 3.5 mm thickness a standard 1.5 wire with a crimped ferrule can be easily connected in our CP1.5 terminal block. The CPST series Sensor and Actuator terminals are also 3.5 mm thin.




Other CP Series Advantages

1) Large Wire Entry Openings
The specially designed housing facilitates ease of wire entry even with crimped ferrules



2) Ease of Jumpering

  • Pluggable and Easy to use Jumpering system
  • Available in different pole configurations
  • 2 Independent rows for insertion of jumpers
  • Bright Orange Insulation to indicate presence of jumpers
  • Possibility of Step-Down Jumpering across different wire size terminals
  • Same JX Series Jumpering across different Terminal Block series and connection technology





CP Series Broad Range of Products for different applications

1) Feed Through and Grounding Terminal Blocks

  • With a wide wire clamping range, Feed Through Terminal Blocks in the CP Series product line are an ideal choice for quick and easy wire connections in cabinets
  • Ground Terminal Blocks have the Industry standard Green Yellow colour and are used for terminating Positive Earth connections in cabinets
  • Ground Terminals can be easily snapped on the DIN Rails and have the same profile as Feed Through Terminals
  • They can even be Jumpered with adjacent Feed Through Terminal Blocks for floating Neutral applications in Motor circuits

Feed -one


2) Multiple Wire & Multiple Level Terminal Blocks

  • Multiple Wire connection Terminals are suitable for connecting more than one equipotential wires in cabinets
  • Double Level and Triple Level PUSH-IN Terminal Blocks, enable higher wiring densities
  • Internally shorted and Grounding Terminal versions in Multi Tier configuration is also available to further simplify circuits

Multiple -conn


3) Sensor & Actuator Terminal Blocks

  • At just 3.5 mm thickness and with the fast and easy PUSH-IN technology, Connectwell’s Sensor and Actuator Terminal Series helps in simplifying Sensor cable connections in control cabinets
  • Colour Coded Push Buttons simplify circuit identifications for positive and negative bus

Sensor -Actuator -Terminal -Blocks


4) 8 Level Marshalling Terminal Blocks

  • Easy installation of upto 32 wires with PUSH-IN type connection
  • Just 9 mm thick and 120 mm wide Space saving and compact design
  • Separator plate to mark each level with the help of marking tags
  • Integrated End Plate
  • Quick identification of the termination points with colour coded Push Buttons



5) Knife Disconnect Terminal Blocks

  • Specialized Double level Knife disconnect terminals help in increasing the wiring density and also provide easy access to disconnection Knife contacts on top
  • The disconnecting knife contacts are colour coded to facilitate clear disconnection of individual levels
  • Standard ø 2.3 mm test probes can be inserted at each of the levels to carry out the necessary test protocols after disconnection

 Knife -Disconnect