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Connectwell Power Distribution Blocks Save Resources and Reduce Complexity
May 2022

From the time of Edison, it quickly became evident that the more devices you run off a power source, the more wires you would need. With more wires came more complexity. In the modern age, the sheer number of sensors, controllers and equipment that need to be connected, make new power distribution technologies a critical necessity. 

The age of Power Distribution Blocks


Power Distribution Blocks are also known as Power Terminal Blocks or Electrical Distribution Blocks. These modern electrical connection devices are a simple and practical approach to building a distributed load electrical circuit. What they essentially do is distribute electric power from a single input source, with one large wire, to multiple devices in a circuit. This eliminates the need to plug each device into a separate power source and allows them to share a single electrical circuit quickly and safely.

The advantage of Power Distribution Blocks



Saves energy

As Power Distribution Blocks connect a single power source to multiple devices at the same time, they improve the efficiency of devices connected over the electrical circuit.




Reduced wiring

Power Distribution blocks help in drastically reducing the total number of wires in your electrical panel while saving time, wiring effort and costs.

The advantage of Power Distribution Blocks

Ergonomically structured for safety

What many electrical automation designers love is the neatness and order that Power Distribution Blocks bring into the wiring layout. With fewer wires to organise, it makes for a more effective and visually aesthetic arrangement in the electrical circuit, while increasing safety for personnel who work in close proximity to such circuits. All Connectwell Power Distribution Blocks have built in shrouds on the terminal block, for protection against accidental physical contact with the connection points.




DC scale up capability

Using Power Distribution Block in a DC circuit, can make it easy to scale the circuit and manage the electrical supply. A useful feature for large outdoor events like concerts and sporting activities.

Large range of connection applications

As Power Distribution Blocks are used to distribute power from an electrical source to many loads on a circuit, they are a perfect solution for both commercial and residential applications. However, they are most often used in industrial applications where a high number of connections are required, such as

> Distribution boards and industrial control panels

> Factories and warehouses where electrical circuits must be distributed securely and safely

> Supplying power to heating, cooling and ventilation (HVAC) equipment

> In power generation, for distribution of electrical currents between solar and wind sources

> In electronic applications for distributing power to lifts, escalators and electric car charging stations


Why choose Connectwell Power Distribution Blocks? 


Connectwell Power Distribution Blocks are built to a higher quality standard and have been tested in high-demand applications around the world. For greater circuit design range, Connectwell Power Distribution Blocks offer wire sizes from 10 sq. mm to 185 sq. mm on the input side and 2.5 sq. mm to 35 sq. mm on the (multiple) output side with compliance for 690V as per IEC 60947-7-1 and a maximum current carrying capacity up to 400A.


Connectwell, your right connection partner

With more than 15 international product certifications backed by the most stringent quality standards, our products pass through more than 40 quality assurance tests. This has ensured a ready acceptance of Connectwell Terminal Blocks across 80+ countries and in thousands of projects and applications worldwide. Through our 4 decades of experience with state of the art operations which are ISO certified, Connectwell has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of Terminal Blocks in the world. More than 1 Million connections are made every day across the globe with our Terminal Blocks, making Connectwell a synonym for… the right connection.

To know more about how Connectwell can contribute to your applications, please reach out to us at or +912517120600 / +912516762600


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