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Compact and Multi-Function Fuse Terminal Block – Width 6 mm

Multi-Function Fuse Terminal Block


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Compact and Multi-Function Fuse Terminal Block –  Width 6 mm

Fuse Terminal Blocks are basically used in electrical and control systems which require fuse protection.

Connectwell’s Fuse terminal block accepts three types of fuses as per industry standards Ø 5x20mm, Ø5x25 mm & Ø6.3 x 32mm. Universal voltage rating of 6 - 60V & 110 - 240V is available on Fuse Terminal Blocks with offline indication. Both AC & DC circuits can be connected without any polarisation.

At Connectwell we have wide range of Fuse terminal Block and in this article we would like to highlight key features of our products


1)     Intelligent Design for multi type connections

Connectwell Multi Level Fuse Terminal Block comes with three different type of connection in the single Terminal Block. This smart design of Terminal Blocks  is used for  Panel with High Density Wiring.


Different combinations for different types of application.

Table (1)


2)     Easy potential distribution - 

−   Flexible Push in Jumpers available on both levels.

−   Potential distribution is possible  on both levels.

−   Two shafts are provided for applications that
      require continuous bridging.

−   Alternate shorting can be achieved by simply breaking the
     intermediate contact pole of continuous shorting links.

−   The Shorting link can be easily identified by marking the
     top with a simple marker pen


Linkbreak          Shortinglink


3)     Space Saving -

This compact version of the Terminal block comes with a 6 mm thickness which is space saving and occupies less space on din rails. The picture shown below is a combination used in PLC control wiring system.

In a typical PLC control wiring schematic shown below a fuse terminal Block is used as an alternating arrangement along with an unfused and Earthing block. As per the 2nd image if  the second version is used i.e Fuse + Feed through + Earthing Connection, it will save space upto 66 % space.




4)     Marking System –

−   Quick marking With K-Type Markers

−   3-Way marking System

−   Large and clear marking for easy identification

−   Individual marking in terms of Numeric,
      Alpha Numeric or Symbols is possible


Industry –

This series of Terminal Blocks are used in PLC application. The PLC is also commonly used in civil applications such as in washing machines, controlling traffic signals and elevators. They are used in many industries to monitor and control production processes, building systems, steel, automobile, chemical industry and the energy sector.

Advantages  of the Connectwell Fuse Terminal Block –

  • Global acceptance with all the approvals i.e. UL, IEC, CSA etc.
  • Quick identification for both the Blown off and Missing Fuse with LED indication.
  • Easy accessible and easy to replace the fuses with the lever type disconnection.
  • Same profile as our other products feedthrough, knife and disconnect Terminal Blocks.

Conclusion –

In Control & Automation industries, Fuse Terminal Blocks are the best solution for fuse and circuit protection. Connectwell’s Fuse terminal blocks are suitable for different sectors such as Automotive, Facility management, Fire pumps, Manufacturing, Mining, Transportation, Urban water systems due to their design and multi-functionality. 

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