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Benefits of correctly selecting knife disconnect Terminal Blocks in Automation Panels
July 2021

Manage wiring complexity - Value engineering with Knife Disconnect Terminal Blocks 


Knife Disconnect Terminal Blocks add value to automation control systems,wherever there is a need to frequently disconnecting specific circuits for testing and control purposes. The advantage is that it becomes easy to disconnect circuits without physically removing wires from all Terminal Blocks in a circuit.

Selecting an option based on application

Knife Disconnect Terminal Blocks are available in the following connection technologies based on areas of application: Example:

If the requirement is for a conventional Automation Panel, standard screw clamp type Knife Disconnect Terminal Blocks can be used for wiring. Knife Disconnect Terminal Blocks in Spring and Push-in connection technology are useful in applications where connections are subjected to continuous vibrations.

Need to save wiring time?

Push-In technology has an advantage over spring clamp technology as it not only protects the line connections from shock and vibrations but also saves wiring time in dense wiring conditions.

Easy connect-disconnect

Knife Disconnect Terminal Blocks have a knife (blade type) contact that acts as a connection bridge between two half current bars. Disconnection is easily achieved by inserting the head of a standard screwdriver into a slot on the colour-coded lever and lifting the knife blade off the half current bars. This easy connect-disconnect switch enables quick trouble-shooting or testing of specific circuits.


Jumpering and complex loop benefits

The Knife Disconnect Terminal Blocks allow Jumpering when there is a need to loop circuits. This allows electrical system designers to create complex circuits for Automation Panels and DCS applications. PLC logic can be built to process various input and output signals and control different processes at different stages in a process plant.

Making the right choice

As automation requirements become increasingly complex and implementation times tighter, project teams need to select Knife Disconnect Terminal Blocks that offer multiple advantages.

- Value engineering modular circuits
- Reduce circuit complexity
- Enable easy line testing
- Reduce footprint of panel and installation
- Save wiring time
- Manage dense wiring applications

Here’s where Connectwell can work with project teams to identify the ideal Knife Disconnect Terminal Block that best suits the application.