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Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

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Connectwell is known to provide quality Industrial connections and management solutions. Ranging from mining to, marine to, oil & gas to the rail industry, Connectwell experienced in dealing with existing and new applications that are expected to perform in challenging environments. 

Having completed projects in remote and challenging locations, we understand the importance of supplying the right solution, at the right time. This is why we pride ourselves in being The Right Connection.

Application-Specific Solutions as per customer requirements:

•   These solutions are based on our standard products.

•   Customer-specific assemblies,

•   Products and solutions based on market and
    application requirements

•   Customised product innovations.


Machine building & System Automation

Connectwell offers a wide range of products for machine building. Our main aim is to provide solutions which enhance machine uptime, either through the easier installation process, customised solutions, or through flexible analysis and maintenance solutions. We offer products in the domain of automation, industrial connection & power supplies, intelligent safety concepts, as well as the corresponding application knowledge.  A wide variety of technologies, from DIN rail terminal blocks to pluggable connectors, a multitude of electronic components  available in our product range are cost-saving and useful for protecting man and machine. 

Machine Tools

Machine Tools



Food & Beverages

Food Beverage

Conveying Systems


Smart Factory


Process technology and process engineering

Process Engineering converts raw material and energy into products. In process engineering, the quality of the electrical connection junctions is a major criterion for the reliability of the overall system. These terminal blocks are particularly suitable for potentially explosive industrial environment. Process industries have a primary production process that can be either continuous or occur on identical batch of materials. Process industries include food, beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, ceramics, base metals, coal, plastics, rubber, textiles, tobacco, wood and wood products, paper and paper products, etc.

Water Treatment


Oil & Gas






A further explanation for Process Industries - 

Chemical / petrochemical industry

The petrochemical industry deals with the production and trade of petrochemicals. It directly interfaces with the petroleum industry, especially the downstream sector. A major part is constituted by plastics (polymer) industry. The chemical industry comprises of the companies that produce industrial chemicals


Oil & Gas Industry 

The oil and gas sector is among the eight core industries in India and plays a major role in influencing decision making for all the other important sections of the economy.

India’s economic growth is closely related to energy demand; therefore the need for oil and gas is projected to grow more, thereby making the sector quite conducive for investment.

Connectwell Industries offers a wide range of product and application solutions for the safety of the processes in the Oil and Gas industries.


Product Solutions -

Power feed-in

Our wide range of Power terminal blocks optimizes both convenience and space, ensures a secure and convenient connection at the power feed-in.

1.      Range of Distribution Blocks for Phase Distribution

2.      Modular PE Terminal Blocks for Earthing Application

Power distribution

Our feed-through terminal blocks and optimized phase distribution blocks ensure safe and efficient distribution of electricity.

Signal wiring

Our sensor/actuator terminal blocks are an optimized solution for signal wiring. We also offer other terminal blocks featuring, spring, and screw and push-in connection technology for signal wiring.

  1. Spring Clamp Connection - Our range of 3 level Terminal Block for motor connection technology
  2. Screw Clamp Connection – Our range of screw clamp terminal Modular Double Level, Phase distributor and three-level Terminal Block
  3. Push in Connection - Our range of CP series 3 level Terminal Blocks for motor connection technology.

Transportation Industry

  • Railways

Locomotive industry is subject to severe vibrations and hence requires extremely high standards of quality and reliability for electrical connectivity. Terminal blocks solutions used in rail vehicles must, therefore, be suitable for such use. Connectwell Terminal blocks solutions are tested for maximum vibration and shock resistance per the requirements of railway standards


Product Solutions -

>   Innovative solutions for signal transmission and data communication.

>   Power Distribution solutions for trains.

>   Industry-specific range of products for signalling and communication.




  • Shipbuilding

Marine and Shipbuilding are often exposed to sea salt abrasion, UV, wind and rain all of which can cause corrosion and damage to the equipment, components and materials. Connectwell has a range of terminal block systems designed to protect machines against mechanical, chemical and/or thermal failure


Product Solutions –

  • All Components in the ship building system have to fulfil the special conditions of the marine approvals.
  • High quality and vibration-proof Products.
  • Shipbuilders often use high dielectric-strength cables, as per the Industry standards fuse terminals used must be able to cope with larger diameter cables without any problems. 
  • Our CXVF2.5 fuse terminals block meets the expectations towards this application. These products have 5×20 fuse and cover the voltage up to 1000V.


        CXVF series terminals have a built in end plate and hence no
        live parts are exposed. They can be internally bridged
        using standard shorting accessories.


  • Energy Sectors

Terminal Blocks are tested for electrical and mechanical properties and are approved and qualified for the applicable in these industries. Our Terminal Blocks meet the required international standards and carry various approvals thereby assuring you of a product that provides long term stability and safety. 



  • Wind and Solar Power

We have innovative solutions for the renewable energy sector and can be used in energy production. Our disconnect, fuse, and potential collective terminal blocks can be used in photovoltaic systems. 



  • Transmission & Distribution

We have innovative solutions for the renewable energy sector and can be used in energy production. Our disconnect, fuse, and potential collective terminal blocks can be used in photovoltaic systems. 

Transmission Distribution 

Product Solutions – 

The Testing and the Interface Modules range of product can be a very important part of the Transmission and Distribution Industry.

Connectwell terminal blocks are made of carefully selected materials, insulating materials, clamping and conducting metals which are subjected to strict quality control as demanded by stringent international standards to meet industry-specific needs.  We provide an application-specific solution to industries that fulfil your industrial connection, communication, and control engineering needs.