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Hybrid Distribution Terminal Block

Hybrid Distribution Terminal Block


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Compact Hybrid Distribution Terminal Block - CXDB35/10




CXDB35/10 is a compact Distribution Terminal Block, It is designed to suit standard Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) distribution boxes. CXDB5/10 Terminal Block is capable of accepting 35 cable at the input side and 4 wires of 10 can be connected at the output side. This Distribution Block is hybrid type connector wherein the input cable is connected with a standard screw clamp system and the output wires can be connected with quick and reliable Spring Clamp connections.  

CXDB35/10 is a modular type connector with which CX6 and CX6/3 Terminal Blocks can be added with help of standard JX series jumpers to add more connection points for distribution on both the sides. This is ideal Terminal Block for distribution applications which fits into an MCB Box. Kindly note that the total system current should not exceed the rated current which is 125 Amps.

Application Photos of CXDB35/10

Cxdb Application 1


Cxdb Application 2


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