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How to Choose the Best Quality Interface modules In India

How to Choose Interface modules


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How to Choose the Best Quality Interface modules In India?

Connectwell is a leading supplier of Interface modules in India. We have a wide range of interface modules that are suitable various for industrial applications. Connectwell’s Interface modules product range consists of:

1)  Relay / Switching Modules

2)  Passive Modules

3)  Protection Modules

These devices are used in between two devices for isolation protection and signal transfer.

Connectwell’s relay modules have different form factors, styles, and technologies. If your panel requirements go beyond the standard range of interface and electronic modules available with us, Connectwell can provide customized solutions to meet your requirements. Our products carry all international accreditation and certification. Interface modules are specially used for protection, isolation and switching, whereas protection modules are used for the protection of the circuit. Passive modules are used for various applications where a signal needs to be converted from one point if connection to another.


Following are some parameter which will help you to select the correct type of interface module.

1)  Mounting –
We offer multiple mounting options like DIN rail, PCB soldered or Panel mounted modules that provide design flexibility, and simplified panel layouts.

2)  Size –
Selecting a module that fits correctly in your system is essential.

Connectwell offers Relays (interface modules) in various size e.g. PCB mounted relays are generally smaller in size, din rail mounted relays are bigger in size.

3)  Ratings –
Size and rating has to be proportionate to each other. Connectwell has interface modules to suit your required current and voltage rating.


4)  Quality Report –
Quality check is the most important procedure before installing the part it in the actual application. One must always check with manufacturers before shipment about what types of tests are carried out on the products.

If your application demands extra testing then suggest manufacturer to do so.

5)  Temperature Rating –
Temperature rating is an extremely important parameter while selecting interface modules. One must always check the ambient temperature of the panel where the interface module is going to be mounted. The efficiency and the performance of the interface module (Relays) is often affected by the temperature. The interface modules always come with the standard operating temperature and storage temperatures and should be used within the temperature tolerance. Using interface modules outside the tolerance causes increased maintenance cost and downtime.

6)  Protection circuit required – 
Gather the information from the datasheet or the technical paper of the interface module and study whether the required protection parameters are implemented in the interface module.

Connectwell interface modules come with the required protection circuits

7)   Approvals –
One must ensure that all the products comply with relevant safety standards, while government regulations are generally intended to protect populations from potential risks associated with products. Approvals are extremely important in ensuring that the products meet required standards and specifications.

8)  Connection type –
Screw connection was the most preferred type of connection but now there is various connections are available such as spring clamp type connections, push-in type connections or with special connections such as male & female type connections available in the market.

9)   Post order service 
In case of failure or any technical help required by the manufacturer should always have a tech support team available to extend the support whenever necessary?  Check for the availability of support team in your area.

The capability to customise and develop interface modules as per customer and industry requirements.  With a dealer network spread across the country and an edge on all of the above points. Connectwell has been serving the customers for the last 41 years. 


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