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Discover How Connectwell Side Entry Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks Simplify Complex and Dense wiring in the Machine Building Industry.
November 2023


In the world of industrial machinery and automation, precision, reliability, and efficiency are paramount. Machine manufacturers constantly seek components that can streamline their production processes, reduce maintenance costs, and enhance the overall performance of their machines. One such component that plays a crucial role in ensuring seamless electrical connections is the Spring Clamp Side Entry Terminal Blocks. In this technical blog, we will explore the features and benefits of these terminal blocks and discuss why they are the most ideal choice for machine manufacturers.


Understanding the Need for Spring Clamp Side Entry Terminal Blocks in Machine Building

Spring clamp terminal blocks are designed for convenient wire connection from the top, allowing users a clear view of their connections. However, in industries like machine building, challenges arise with top-wire entry. Machines are often low and wide for easy user access, leading to limited vertical and depth space for components in the lower half of the machine. Connecting wires through the top entry becomes problematic due to the restricted space, causing strain on the wires, leading to the breakage of strands and reduced current carrying capacity. This can result in wire heating and machine shutdown.


Key Features and Benefits of Spring Clamp Side Entry Terminal Blocks

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, there are also some other benefits when it comes to these side-entry spring clamp terminal blocks, which are stated below.

1. Spring Clamp Mechanism:

The defining feature of these terminal blocks is their spring clamp mechanism. They are built with high-grade stainless steel springs. They are pre-stressed which needs actuation with tools such as screwdrivers. This spring clamping system offers anti-loosening & gas-tight connections even when subjected to severe vibration. Unlike traditional screw-type terminal blocks, which require manual tightening, spring clamps use a spring-loaded mechanism to hold the wire securely in place. This offers several advantages: 


Time Efficiency: Spring clamps significantly reduce installation time, making them ideal for high-volume manufacturing.

Consistent Connection: The spring force ensures a uniform and reliable connection, eliminating the risk of loose or overtightened connections.

Maintenance-Free: Since there are no screws to loosen over time, spring clamps require minimal maintenance.


2. Side Entry Design:

The side entry design allows wires to be inserted horizontally, which is especially beneficial in applications with limited vertical space. This design enables easy access to the terminal blocks, even when installed in confined areas.


3. Multiple Spring Actuation Points:

In top entry spring clamp terminal blocks, the spring can be actuated only from the top side (next to wire entry), but in the side entry spring clamp terminal blocks, there are two actuation points, on the top and on the side. Hence gives the user flexibility to actuate from either side.


4. Versatile Wire Compatibility:

Spring Clamp Side Entry Terminal Blocks are compatible with a wide range of wire sizes and types, including solid, stranded, and ferruled wires. This versatility simplifies inventory management and reduces the need for multiple terminal block variants. These terminals can take wire from 0.2 to 10 sq. mm, 24-6 AWG.


5. Robust Construction:

These terminal blocks are typically built to withstand harsh industrial environments. They are often made from high-quality springs that offer excellent resistance to vibration, shock, temperature variations, and chemicals.


6. Secure Wire Termination:

The spring clamp mechanism exerts a constant force on the wire, creating a secure and gas-tight connection. This ensures optimal conductivity and minimizes the risk of electrical failures or signal loss.


7. Ground Terminal Blocks

Along with Feed-through terminal blocks these terminal blocks are also available in ground function which allows users to connect grounding wires.




Why Spring Clamp Side Entry Terminal Blocks Are The Most Ideal Choice For Machine Manufacturers:


1. Enhanced Productivity:

By reducing installation time and simplifying the wiring process, these terminal blocks contribute to increased productivity on the production line. Machine manufacturers can produce more units in less time, improving their overall efficiency.





2.  Reliability and Safety:

The consistent and secure connections provided by spring clamps reduce the likelihood of electrical faults or loose connections, ensuring the safety and reliability of the machines. This is crucial in applications where downtime or failures can result in costly consequences.




3. Space Optimization:

The side entry design of these terminal blocks allows machine manufacturers to optimize the use of available space within their machines. This is particularly valuable in compact and densely populated control cabinets.




4. Reduced Maintenance Costs:

The maintenance-free nature of spring clamps translates to lower long-term maintenance costs. Machine manufacturers can rely on these terminal blocks for years without the need for frequent inspections or replacements.




5. Compatibility and Standardization:

The versatility of Spring Clamp Side Entry Terminal Blocks simplifies inventory management and promotes standardization across various machine models. This streamlines procurement and reduces the complexity of spare parts management.


Connectwell offers an extensive range of Side Entry Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks that can be chosen based on the below-mentioned parameters.

1. Wire size

Connectwell has an extensive range of spring clamp side entry terminal blocks (CXS2.5 CXS4, CXS6 and CXS10) suitable for wires ranging from 0.2sqmm to 10 sq. mm, 20AWG to 8AWG. 

2. Functions

Along with the Feed through CXS2.5, CXS4, CXS6, and CXS10 terminal blocks these side entry spring clamp terminal blocks are also available in ground function (CXSG2.5, CXSG4, CXSG6 and CXSG10) which can be used to connect the ground circuits. 

3. Approvals

Connectwell side entry terminal blocks are approved with 15+ global approvals like IEC, UL, CSA etc.

4. Design Standards

These terminal blocks are designed and built with IEC 60947-7 and UL 1058 standards and offer the industry’s leading 1000V Ratings.



Spring Clamp Side Entry Terminal Blocks offer a compelling solution for machine manufacturers seeking efficient and reliable electrical connections in their products. With their innovative spring clamp mechanism, side entry design, and robust construction, these terminal blocks provide numerous advantages, including enhanced productivity, reliability, and cost savings. As machine manufacturers strive to stay competitive and meet stringent quality standards, Spring Clamp Side Entry Terminal Blocks have emerged as the ideal choice to address their electrical connection needs.


Connectwell, your right connection partner

With more than 15 international product certifications backed by the most stringent quality standards, our products pass through more than 40 quality assurance tests. This has ensured a ready acceptance of Connectwell terminal blocks across 80+ countries and in thousands of projects and applications worldwide.

Through our 4 decades of experience with state-of-the-art operations which are ISO certified, Connectwell has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of terminal blocks in the world.

More than 1 million connections are made every day across the globe with Connectwell terminal blocks, making Connectwell a synonym for… the right connection.

So, if you would like to build your projects with a solution that can accommodate both dense and simple wiring, while saving panel space, ensure that you select Connectwell Multiple Level Terminal Blocks and get the added flexibility you need.

To know more about how Connectwell can contribute to your applications, please reach out to us at or +912517120600 / +912516762600


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