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High Temperature Terminal Blocks
September 2021

Extreme temperature performance is one of the most critical aspects of boiler and furnace industry. A high incidence of industrial safety and fire breaches are reported each year due to quality product selection errors or operation specifications mismatch.

Safety considerations for high heat operations. Operating temperatures of over 200°C can quickly degrade an electric connection’s performance and impact energy consumption and ultimately process efficiency. High temperatures in the range of 500°C and higher are particularly hard to manage and require Terminal Blocks specifically built to perform under such extreme conditions.

Materials selection for heat management


In most use cases for industries and applications where high operating heat is a concern, Polyamide Terminal Blocks’ tend to fail. Worse, these Terminal Blocks can become recurrent weak points in the system with extremely low Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and causing loss of production.

In such applications, where ambient temperatures are above normal operating levels, the project engineers needs to pay extra attention to selecting Terminal Blocks that are correctly temperature rated for the operational environment.

For extreme temperature operations, the ideal Terminal Block are usually built from high-grade, incombustible materials such as ceramic that can withstand temperatures ranging from - 40°C to +650°C.

Terminal Blocks with built in safety margins

In many critical applications, high temperature Terminal Blocks are used as a fail-safe connections that should remain intact under fire conditions. In case of a fire, these high temperature Terminal Blocks facilitate functioning of alarm system and emergency shutdowns systems to protect the lives and assets. This margin of safety is especially useful in hazardous area applications.

Key areas of application

Purpose-built for extreme temperature operations, Connectwell High Temperature Terminal Blocks are useful in applications which requires maintaining circuit integrity without breakage or disconnection.

Areas where Connectwell High Temperature Terminal Blocks are used include:

Build tough with Connectwell High Temperature Terminal Blocks

Build higher reliability into your projects with Connectwell High Temperature Terminal Blocks that are built to withstand continuous extreme heat. Choose from a range that can handle wire sizes ranging from 2.5 to 25, and is available in Single Pole, Two Pole and Three Pole configurations. These Terminal Blocks are also available in Floating type (Terminal hangs on the wire connecting the two wires) or Panel mount type (where surface or base plate mounting holes are provided).

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