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High power Terminal Blocks with finger safe protection
December 2021

Connectwell Shrouded Power Terminal Blocks

Stud technology ensures firm connection of heavy wires using ring lugs

In power connections, the wires used are of larger cross-section and are heavy. These wires when routed in cabinets tend to exert strain (bending stress) on the points of connection Connectwell Power Terminal Blocks with stud technology ensures that the wire's weight does not bear upon the connection point itself. The ring lugs allow for a larger contact area between the wire and the current carrying component (Current bar) and hence prevents temperature rise during continuous operation.

Securing tight connections for high vibration applications

For larger cross-section power wires, it is easier to torque tighten a connection that has a ring lug with the help of stud connection technology. Stud connections are used with ring lugs to ensure that the larger power wires never slip out of the clamping connection point. This may happen accidentally during incidents of unusual shocks and vibrations in the controlcabinet and equipment in which these connection points are used. Connectwell PowerTerminal Blocks comprises of Bolt with Spring Washer and locking nut, which provides a tight and firm connection of wire with terminal block. This feature offers benefits in extreme and hazardous applications that are prone to excessive shock and vibration.

Integrated Shrouding for IP20 Shock Protection

These Terminal Blocks have hinged protective shrouds which can be lifted to connectwires. These shrouds have a shock hazard symbol engraved on them and they can alsoaccommodate standard marking tags for clear circuit identification. These shroudsensure that there is no accidental contact with live circuits in normal operations therebyensuring operator safety.

Areas of application

Connectwell Power Terminal Blocks offer safe operation, high reliability and secure connection in a wide range of applications across industries,

Rail Transportation
Connectwell Power Terminal Blocks are an ideal solution for power supply and power distribution cabinets used in the intercoupling of the Coaches/Carriages with the Engines. As railway operators like the Indian Railways upgrade from conventional self-powered coaches to Link Hofmann Busch (LHB) coaches, the power is supplied from external EOG (End of Generation) or HTG (Head on Generation) UNG cars which are connected at both ends of the coaches/trains. The power supply is distributed with the help of IV couplers which are coupled to the Feeder Junction box. In addition to railways, Connectwell Power Terminal Blocks are an excellent solution for other transportation industries such as suburban metros, electric vehicles and the marine industry.

Power Distribution and Utilities
Connectwell Power Terminal Blocks are used in panels required for power generation, transmission and distribution. They can be used to connect circuit breakers with the sub- distribution panels or direct to the load or with Power Distribution Boards (PDB) at the incoming side of the power supply. Multiple Connectwell Power Terminal Blocks are stacked to form an assembly. For multi-phase circuits, Connectwell Power Terminal Blocks can be used to create a monoblock (rigid stack) using an external screw of suitable length and nut combination. This ability to create cross-connections up to 3 adjacent terminal blocks for the purpose of distribution is much valued in power distribution applications. Connectwell Power Terminal Blocks are also useful for Control panels such as MCC panels or Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) panels to control high capacity motors and their power supply.

Building Management Systems (BMS)
Connectwell Power Terminal Blocks are used in Building Management Systems for commercial and industrial power distribution and their relevant infrastructure applications.

Oil & Gas
Connectwell Power Terminal Blocks are Ex and Atex approved which enables their usage in various distribution panels and control panels used in the Oil & Gas and other Hazardousindustrial applications.

Connectwell Power Terminal Blocks are globally compliant

Connectwell offers an extensive range of Power Terminal Blocks with the ability to accept 35 to 300 sq. mm wire sizes. These Terminal Blocks are compliant for 1000V usage as per IEC 60947-7-1 & 600V as per UL 1059 and are suitable for current up to 520A. For global project compliance and ease of project application, Connectwell Power Terminal blocks have international certifications such as IECCE, UL, CSA, IEC Ex, Atex, LR and In Metro


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