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Grounding/Earthing Terminal Blocks
July 2021

Even with expert engineers and technicians who handle live circuits every day, electrical shocks are a constant source of risk. Which is why in-built protection in the design and installation of equipment becomes extremely important?

Most electrical accidents are a result of three factors:

- Unsafe equipment or improper installation of such equipment

- Unsafe conduct by testing personnel

- Usage of incorrect tools for testing and maintenance.

Globally, increased regulatory emphasis has been placed on the design and safe maintenance of electrical equipment. Many of these standards require that electrical equipment be installed in a way that minimizes the risk of workplace electrical overload, surge or shock hazards to personnel. While the knowledge of earthing electric current has been around for over a century, there is still room for improvement in adhering to earthing protocols.

Accidents can be prevented with effective grounding and earthing.

Today, every electrical circuit needs a method of transferring any (leakage Current) short circuit or surge to the earth, via the path of least resistance. This includes conducting the effects of over-voltage disturbances, electromagnetic (EM) interference or even lightning strikes, away from sensitive equipment such as micro-controllers and PLCs, or personnel who might be exposed to the hazards of shock. Industrial and commercial circuit designs require robust Grounding/Earthing Terminal Blocks as anchor points for earthing distribution as well termination points on the DIN rail.

Benefits of using screwless, spring clamp system

Connectwell Grounding / Earthing Terminal Blocks offer the flexibility of Screw Clamp, Spring Clamp and Push-in connection options based on wiring and application requirements. The use of low-contact resistance Grounding/Earthing Terminal Blocks, instead of traditional grounding studs or wire lugs, can cut wiring and installation time.

Built for high performance standards, in internationally recognised colour-code of yellow and green, Connectwell Grounding/Earthing Terminal Blocks provide terminal points inside electrical panels for earthing wire connection of field equipment or sensors.

The metal Channel Clamp inside the Earthing Terminal Blocks is connected to the Current Bar of the terminal. This ensures that any current leakages due to a fault, can be channeled to ground through the DIN Rail on which the terminals are mounted.

Connectwell Grounding/ Earthing Terminal Blocks are available in multiple connections, where a single earthing connection can be distributed to other circuits for protection. These Grounding / Earthing Terminal Blocks are available for wire ranges starting from 1.5 to 70

For more details on Connectwell Grounding/Earthing Terminal Blocks offers conduction protection for panel building and sensitive field equipment, contact us email: