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Grounding / Earthing Terminal

Grounding / Earthing Terminal

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Grounding / Earthing Terminal Blocks are used for grounding and earthing wires to protect people and machinery from intrusion such as electrical or magnetic fields.  They play a crucial part in control panel wiring.

Mechanical and electrical contact is automatically created by simply snapping the Terminal Block onto the DIN Rail. 

To facilitate the proper and safe distribution of earthing and neutral signals we also offer Earthing  /  Neutral  Distribution Blocks with a screw clamp system.



1)    Low contact resistance

2)    Possibility of installing additional marking tags



-  Ground modular terminal block

-  Connection type: Screw or Spring Clamp

-  Wire size range: 0.5 - 35

-  Colour: Green-Yellow


Cgt 4u

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