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Fuse Terminal Blocks

Fuse Terminal Blocks

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Screw Clamp Terminal Blocks are suitable for all types of wires and can be mounted on all DIN Rails.

Connections can be made by simply stripping wire insulation to the recommended length and clamping it without any additional preparation. The high torque clamping system ensures safe and gas-tight connections, while cold forged rolled threaded screws ensure highly reliable connections. These Terminal Blocks are used in electrical and control systems which require fuse protection.

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Connectwell's CF4U series Terminal Blocks accepts industry standard Ø5 x 20mm and Ø5 x 25 mm glass cartridge fuses. These are 8 mm thick Terminal Blocks with a provision to hold a spare fuse (in the non LED version). Connectwell's CF4SP series fuse terminals have a thickness of 6 mm with a provision for using screw type jumpers.  These terminals can be used in an alternating configuration with CTS2.5UN, CTS2.5UE, CTS4UN and CF4SPFT feed through terminals.

Connectwell's CF4UL & CF4SPL series terminals have a built-in LED circuit which gives an offline indication in case of a fuse blow out. The CAFL series terminal accepts ؼ" x 1" and ؼ" x 1¼" (Ø6.3 x 32 mm) fuses. Fuse blocks with suffix (L), (N) are used for an off-line indication in case of a fuse blow out. These blocks can be used with AC & DC voltages.

Connectwell's DDFL4U (E) terminals series have a specially designed built-in a circuit which gives a light indication in the event of a fuse blows out at the top level. These blocks have a fuse carrier link on the top level and a separate feed through terminal connection at the lower level. This eliminates the use of additional feed through Terminal Blocks.

Connectwell's CYF4 series fuse terminals have a thickness of 6 mm with a provision for using pluggable Jumpers. These Terminal Blocks are completely closed type and do not need a separate end plate.

Connectwell's CYDLF4 series terminal has an additional feed-through connection level. CYDLGF4 series terminal has a feed-through connection level along with ground connection a point in addition to a standard hinged fuse carrier. CYDL4FT terminal has a feed-through system on both levels. CYDLF4LR is a modified version of CYDLF4 where two equipotential connection joints are available on both sides of the Terminal Block.


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