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Efficient & Accurate Use of Terminal Blocks

Efficient Use of Terminal Blocks


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Terminal blocks are useful, and often crucial, components for any electrical wiring needs.

Connecting different circuits can be a time-consuming and complex process which can be simplified with the use of Screw and Spring Clamp type Terminal Blocks.

The Connectwell product range consists of Screw and spring type terminal blocks.

Screw Clamp Terminal Blocks

The Screw type terminal blocks as the name suggest is based on a screw connection and suitable for all types of wires. This is the most popular method of wire Termination. Connections can be made by simply stripping the wire of its insulation to the recommended length and clamping it without any additional preparation.

  • The following characteristics make the screw clamp connections user friendly, versatile and sturdy; Strong contact force which makes it absolutely gas tight,
  • Very low contact resistance,
  • Vibration proof protection preventing loosening of screws,
  • Reliable electrical and mechanical connections.


Advantages of Connectwell Terminal Blocks

Material for all metal parts :

The steel clamping screw produces high contact force while the steel clamping yoke transmits this force by pressing the conductor against the current bar. . Even the best electrical conductor materials are worthless without the required contact force to press the connected wire to the contact surface on the current bar. The conducting medium within a Terminal Block is its current bar, which is made from electrolytic copper or 63 / 37 tin plated brasses. The tin plating on the current bar ensures excellent continuous contact and provides good protection against corrosion. It is because of this that the clamping yokes and screws are made of steel. The steel parts are zinc plated and additionally chromate passivated in order to achieve the highest degree of corrosion resistance.




Maintenance Free connections

When connected the wire gets clamped perfectly to form a gas tight connection The design of the Connectwell Screw Clamps ensures vibration proof positive connection wires at the recommended torque values.





  •     Insulating material

All the live parts in Terminal Blocks are totally shrouded to minimize the risk of accidental contact

In High Grade Melamine or in Engineering Thermoplastic Polyamide 6.6 Housing.


  • Marking system –

a)      2-Way marking System

b)      Large and clear marking for easy identification

c)      Individual marking in terms of Numeric,
         Alpha Numeric or Symbols is possible.



Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks 

The spring clamp terminal blocks are based on spring clamp connection and are suitable for all types of wires. Connections can be made by simply stripping the wire of its insulation to the recommended length and inserting it into the terminal where the wire is held against the current carrying part by a pre-stressed Spring Clamp.




Advantages for Connectwell Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks

The following are the characteristics of Spring Clamp Connection:

  • Easy to operate, versatile and vibration proof
  • Minimal contact resistance because of a gas tight connection is made possible by the high quality stainless steel spring clamp
  • Fail proof / safe, maintenance free connection
  • The surface treated (tin plated) electrolytic copper current bar ensures oxidation free contact
  • Compact and space saving design - This series of Terminal Blocks have an extremely compact design and can be used in smaller control cabinets and enclosures                                                                                                                                           



  • Ease of wire entry – A unique design in the plastic housing of the Terminal Block facilitates ease of wire entry. Wires can be used with or without ferrules / lugs.



  • Shorting links system - Push in technology jumpers for shorting Terminal Blocks are available in 2, 3, 4 & 10 pole configuration.
  • Continuous bridging - The possibility of using 2 independent rows for bridging enables the creation of various circuit combinations.
  • Marking on the shorting links - Shorting links can be marked with a felt tip pen on the recess provided on top, to clearly indicate shorted positions.


Alternate shorting – This can be achieved by simply breaking the intermediate contact pole of continuous shorting links.

Linkbreak      Shortinglink

  • Marking system –
    a)      3-Way marking System
    b)      Large and clear marking for easy identification
    c)      Individual marking in terms of Numeric,
             Alpha Numeric or Symbols is possible.



Conclusion –

Solutions for various industries such as

  • Automotive industry,
  • Transportation,
  • Energy segments and many more Industries.

The Screw and Spring Clamp connections are versatile and can be used across industries. We have customised solutions to fulfil our customer requirements, adding to the innovations with the technical expertise.

Thanks to the range of models and real flexibility, our modular terminal blocks with clamping yoke and spring clamp technology can be used in a wide range of different applications.