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February 2022

Upgrade with Connectwell Distribution Terminal Blocks


The architecture of a Distribution Block

The traditional distribution junction is when a feeder is split into many Distribution connections. Distribution Blocks work in much the same way. One larger feeder wire is on the input side and leads off to multiple smaller wires on the output side. This kind of electrical architecture is common in electrical distribution systems where the panels have large feeder cable coming in and is then distributed among different circuits.

Distributing loads equally and more efficiently

Distribution of load is a big challenge in panel design. The conventional method is where incoming power from a source, is redistributed equally to smaller sources to form a complete distribution circuit as per the current rating. Distribution Blocks play a key role in proper load sharing. They not only give panel designers the ability to ensure efficient circuit distribution but also help keep the size of the panel compact and allow spare room for additional connections and future expansion.

The upgrade from bus-bar technology

Panel designs of earlier generations required large copper bus-bars with tapped holes and a nut and bolt arrangement to create distribution circuits. Due to their bulky nature, these bus-bars were not only difficult to install inside the panels but also took up a significant amount of panel space. Now, Distribution Terminal Blocks have replaced bulky and untidy bus-bars, and as Distribution Blocks, they can be easily mounted be on standard format DIN Rails or base plates. Modern Connectwell Distribution Terminal Blocks are designed to hold a single current bar around which a complete block is built, adding Terminal Blocks for easier connection of wires. For compact Distribution Block solutions, a single solid copper alloy block is drilled and tapped for connecting wires and distribution purposes.

A Hybrid Distribution terminal incorporated the robust side entry screw connection technology for connecting the input cable and quick and easy spring connections for theoutput wires. These Hybrid distribution terminals from Connectwell can be further jumpered with conventional Feed Through terminals and the system can be expanded. All the above Connectwell distribution terminals are designed to have IP20 shock proof ratings. This eliminates the need for installing acrylic shrouds which are mandatory in the use of traditional bus bars inside distribution cabinets.

Industrial applications of Connectwell Distribution Blocks

In industrial automation, Distribution Blocks are used forcircuit and load distribution and find applications inalmost every electrical or distribution panel. Connectwell Distribution Blocks are required in 3-phase motorapplications, lighting pole distribution circuits, machine applications where power supply is distributed to various parts of a machine and even in MCB distribution boxes.

There are a range of Distribution Blocks available as per the distribution requirement.

Distribution Blocks with bigger incoming cables and smaller size outputs with side entry or incoming wire entry from the centre, as per the wire orientation in the panel.

Mono Distribution Blocks are used for internal distribution applications. These are Distribution Blocks available with the same input and output wire sizes and help in thesecondary circuit and load distribution.

Compact Distribution Blocks are preferred for distribution in machine building applications, where the main power source is distributed across the machine for various circuits and operations.

Hybrid Terminal Blocks are available with both Screw and Spring-clamp type connections in a single Distribution Block. These Hybrid Terminal Blocks offer convenience in wiringconnections.

Reliable and real-world testedConnectwell Distribution Blocks

Manufactured to modern global quality standards, Connectwell products are preferred by clientsin over 70 countries worldwide for a wide range of high reliability and performance applications.Connectwell offers a wide range of Distribution Blocks as per circuit and connection requirements. Panel designers will appreciate the build quality and compact profile that enables a neater and more manageable panel with greater savings for future growth.  

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