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Distribution Blocks

Distribution Blocks

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Distribution Block

Distribution Blocks are an ideal choice for a simplified distribution system. A bolt in the centre of the block provides a connection point for the incoming cable. All the terminals are internally connected and provide multiple connection points for the outgoing wires.

A protective shield effectively shrouds the incoming connection. These Terminal Blocks eliminates the need for separate wiring of each device.

Distribution block provides power efficiency to a series of devices, also separate short circuit disturbances to prevent the total shutdown.


We also offer Compact Distribution Blocks series for you to save time and space

Compact Distribution Blocks from Connectwell are the ideal choice for single-phase power distribution systems.

Designed with a common clamping and current carrying part, these Distribution Blocks ensure high wiring density. A choice of connection point sizes is also available to ensure proper clamping of wires with various cross-sections.

These completely shrouded Distribution Blocks offer IP20 Levels of protection and are suitable for DIN Rail and Panel Mounting applications.



-  Saves installation time

-  DIN rail mounting

-  Compact in size, saves space.

-  Distribution Blocks are a part of the complete line system


Note :

Sum of outgoing currents on either side of the centre should not exceed half the maximum permissible incoming current

Sum of total outgoing currents should not exceed maximum permissible incoming current.

Connection for higher outgoing currents should be done through the terminal nearest to the incoming connect



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