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At Connectwell our Engineers focus on developing new products that are not only innovative but will stand the test of time across all geographies and applications.
March 2023

The Electromechanical and Electronic Products that Connectwell makes are like the Nuts and Bolts of Power and Automation Applications across all industries. What's more , these products are often at the heart of mission critical applications where downtime is not acceptable. These realisations have helped Connectwell Engineers evolve our Product Life Cycle Management System into an extremely rugged and robust.

This is especially true when it comes to our Product Design and Development Process. From initial product research to final testing our engineers are tuned to creating products that exceed market expectations in terms of features and performance.

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Connectwell Product Development System : It is Split into Three Main Areas


Getting The Product - First Time Right

Product Design and Engineering at Connectwell is an intense process that requires a mix of creativity and engineering discipline. Our Product Design and Engineering Process has been made robust over time with learnings from hundreds of projects incorporated into the same.





Using Software Technology to Speed Up

Connectwell Engineers leverage various software to reduce the time to market for products as well as to ensure a high FTR performance.

Our rugged Product life-cycle management processes are mapped into world's leading PLM Software - Siemens Teamcenter.

Our Entire Mechanical Product Design and Engineering is Done using Siemens CAD platform.

We Run specialized design applications for Electronic Circuit Design, PCB Design and Electronic Simulation.

Various Mechanical and Electrical Parameters are tested and evaluated in the design phase itself using multiple simulation applications.




Using Rapid Prototyping Techniques for ensuring reliability

Connectwell Engineers have been using rapid prototyping of both plastic and metal components for more than two decades. This allows Connectwell Engineers to not just simulate but physically test their various design ideas ensuring the reliability of the final product design in terms of manufacturability, functioning and performance of the product.

For creating such prototypes a variety of conventional machining techniques like milling, wire cutting etc are used and also modern 3d printing techniques are used.



Keeping a Check

To ensure that the new products being designed and developed are up to the mark in terms of quality and standards, an independent team of engineers test and validate the products during their various stages of development.


Our products are tested and validated by trained engineers in our state of the art UL accredited laboratory. This ensures a faster turnaround time for any iterative design processes which in turn improves our time to market.


Our Design & Engineering Capabilities

We at Connectwell are always open to opportunities to work with Interesting Organizations to create Connection Technology And Electronic Automation Products.

In fact we have partnered with various organizations to help them create technology products with a seamless integration of electro mechanical and electronic design.

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Connectwell, your right connection partner

With more than 15 international product certifications backed by the most stringent quality standards, our products pass through more than 40 quality assurance tests. This has ensured a ready acceptance of Connectwell terminal blocks across 80+ countries and in thousands of projects and applications worldwide.

Through our 4 decades of experience with state-of-the-art operations which are ISO certified, Connectwell has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of terminal blocks in the world.

More than 1 million connections are made every day across the globe with Connectwell terminal blocks, making Connectwell a synonym for… the right connection.

So, if you would like to build your projects with a solution that can accommodate both dense and simple wiring, while saving panel space, ensure that you select Connectwell Multiple Level Terminal Blocks and get the added flexibility you need.

To know more about how Connectwell can contribute to your applications, please reach out to us at or +912517120600 / +912516762600


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