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Why customised products?
March 2022

The days when customers had to chase manufacturers and suppliers for specific products or services are well and truly over. In today’s age, customers demand not only standard parts but also 'Customized Solutions' from the same manufacturers and suppliers. Every customer is unique with their own set of demands or needs. To identify that uniqueness, and cater to it, is the recipe to win over today's customers.

Why customised products are the need of the hour?

Necessity is the mother of invention and with the evolution of industry 4.0 machines and control panel, manufacturers are required to function more effectively within a compact size and in a cost-effective manner. They need electrical and electronics products to be application-specific. Each machine or control panel is designed to function differently, with different parameters and under different end-use conditions. Using standard, or general products, leads to limitations in adaptability, size and cost, as well as an increase in inventory. Here is where a need for customised products in control panels, for different applications, is evident.

How Connectwell can help you?

When it comes to developing a customized solution for Terminal Blocks, Relay Modules, Passive Modules and Protection modules, the need for expertise in Electrical and Electronic engineering is extremely high. Such customizations also require a high level of expertise in the field of Plastic Injection Moulding, Metal Forming and Electronic part assembling.

Connectwell has a proven track record for developing customised products and we can provide customised solutions which meet customer-specific application requirements. Connectwell has a special Customised Product Development team that takes care of new requirements and is 100% dedicated to designing OEM and ODM products. We can either develop a completely new product, or we can modify current product lines in a way that fits the customer's need.

So how do we work?

At first, we understand the customer’s requirement and determine the approach to develop the product with the combination of our capabilities. At each step of the product development, we involve the customer and work closely with them around the application. The approach that we follow is interactive, client-centric with complete involvement in all phases of the project. Our ability to communicate, produces a cost-effective and functional product which always lives up to the customer’s expectations.

Advantages of using customised solutions

  • Customers can save cost and time spent in inventory management.
  • Using customised products in control panels helps in achieving unique designs.
  • With a very small step to touch the latest technology, customers can massively improve their business processes and save on their manufacturing time.
  • Last but not least, these customised products are designed according to customer’s specific needs. This process ensures that each aspect of their problem is solved.
What do we do?

Connectwell is a leading 45 year old Terminal and Interface Module manufacturing company

Here are a list of products in which we have expertise.

>  Terminal Blocks

>  Relay Modules

>  SSR Modules

>  Slim Relay Modules


>  Passive modules.

>  Fan Failure Models.

>  Protection modules.


Has Connectwell ever built any customised solution?

Listed below are a few of the specifically developed customised products. Needless to say, we are not limited to these examples and can build a lot more than this.

> Special connector modules for Air Circuit Breakers

PLC Specific Relay Modules

Fan failure modules

Passive Modules

Transistor cards



Connectwell is well-known as a synonym for being ‘The Right Connection’. We have earned this name only through dedicatedly serving our customers and giving them the best market solution. If your application requires a customized product you can contact us through the contact details given here.