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Broadening Horizons for Rapid yet Sustainable Growth
January 2023

We at Connectwell realize that the business environment in which we operate will continuously become more complex and more competitive. To ensure our long term success in such environments it is no longer enough to focus only on the quality of products and processes, it is imperative that we broaden our horizons and involve every stakeholder right from suppliers to employees to customers and the society at large.

Connectwell Business Excellence Framework 

The Connectwell Business Excellence Framework aims to create a sustainable and forward looking organization by striving for excellence in the below mentioned areas.

BS Framework


Connectwell Business Excellence Framework

Every area of internal operations at Connectwell is being driven towards excellence with the aid of Tool Kits Like:

Lean Management

Six Sigma


BS 6

We realize that excellence is a journey that never ends, however using a framework of internally set goals and external validation we have been able to make quantifiable progress and hope to become an organization with Global Standing on Excellence by the Year 2025.

Supply Chain

In today’s collaborative environment it is not possible for any individual or organization to grow without the aid of a supportive ecosystem. It is with this in mind that Connectwell has embarked on a journey to work closely with its Suppliers and Customers to establish mutually beneficial long term relationships which are aligned to our as well as their organization goals.



Today Connectwell manufactures more than 2.5 Million Components every single day. To ensure that each and every one of these meets customer’s expectations we rely on our robust quality system which complies to standards like ISO 9001, 14001, 45001. The Connectwell Quality System is based on continuous improvement in the below three domains.

Quality by Design

Manufacturing Quality Assurance

Supplier Quality Assurance



Human Resources

We at Connectwell acknowledge that organizational excellence can be achieved only if the personal goals of an employee are balanced with the needs of the organization. To ensure this alignment of personal and organizational goals we remain focused on the entire employee lifecycle right from attracting and recruiting a teammate to developing and ensuring their growth.

Also we understand that it is only in diversity that the best ideas can be born and evolved. To ensure that our workplace becomes a microcosm of diverse individuals coming up with their best ideas which are nurtured and grown, we follow SOP - Not the one you think, but the one we believe all of us need.


We strive to create a workplace which is:

S - Safe, Secure & Fair

O – Open

P – Progressive


Safe, Secure, Fair – We truly believe that only when our teammates feel protected and secure can they perform their best. To this effect all our actions and initiatives are driven to increase:

Physical Safety & Health


Security & Peace of Mind


Fairness in Opportunity & Compensation


Open – At Connectwell we believe in walking the talk and take efforts towards increasing the openness in our work culture. We believe that true team cohesion can be achieved only with true open work culture. To this effect we have the below initiatives in place:

Open Office – Open Hearts

Friends First – Colleagues Next

Transparency above All

Rapid Growth through Involvement


Progressive – Our work culture is driven by people of passion who try their best to rapidly adapt to the continuous changes in society and management practices. We strive to achieve flexibility in our work protocols by ensuring a highly empowered and young leadership team, which focuses on continuous improvement of individuals and the organization through initiatives like: Mentorship Programs, Learn & Earn Programs, Business Excellence through TPM, etc.

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