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Connectwell’s advanced injection-moulding capability.
January 2022

Technology that is fast and scalable

Plastic parts are appealing to manufacturing and sourcing businesses because they are so efficient to build, reliable to use, and affordable to mass-produce. Injection moulding is what can speedily turn a rough workshop prototype into a mass produced part to reach retail points around the world. Injection moulding allows replication at a speed and precision that can make businesses agile and successful. In the world of industrial automation, component development and manufacturing time is getting shorter and shorter. With this time pressure, there is also a need for technology that can manufacture products at scale, to the precision and detail that a specific project may require. Here is where an injection moulding capacity can be a force multiplier for business growth.

The advantage of high precision and shorter manufacturing cycles.

Connectwell has the capability of manufacturing complex shaped plastic products, with precise dimensional accuracy and shorter cycle times, which are used in the productionof terminal blocks and connectors.

The technology offers the advantages of:

Accuracy and precision - Millions of exact shape and size products can be made with high repeatability.

Quality - The manufactured product or part is not only replicable, but it is also capable of being manufactured to a consistent quality and tolerance level.

Capability - It allows for design features with complicated shapes that may not be possible with other materials or methods.

Powered by world-leading injection moulding practices.

To achieve high quality objectives, Connectwell has invested in more than 32 high-precision CNC electric injection moulding machines from Engel and Fanuc. Beyond traditional injection moulding equipments, these specialised machines are capable of producing multi-step overmoulded (plastic over metal) parts.

The installed range of advanced injection moulding machine offer clamping forces that range from 15 tonnes to 180 tonnes.

Connectwell manufacturing operations are allocated large spaces with highly automated production floors.

The manufacturing process is automated with a centralised raw material conveyor system linked to a 60-ton capacity raw materials storage silo that enables constant material supply.

Attention is paid to stabilised raw material quality at input, with powerful dehumidifiers from renowned European manufacturers providing dehumidification of raw materials to achieve a -20 degree Celsius dew point and 0.1% moisture level.

Every mould is governed by state-of-the-art mould temperature controllers to maintain and sustain the precise temperatures required for plastic components and a chiller thatoptimises cycle time and productivity.

In support of the core injection moulding process, key ancillary equipment includes runner separators and parts separator for each machine.

Ready for quick scalability

Connectwell can scale design and manufacturing to accommodate large orders, including those calling for customisation, with greatly reduced cycle times. The facility has a production capability that matches the finest in the world, with thousands of products manufactured per second to the highest quality standards.

The Connectwell injection moulding process uses different grades of polyamide for manufacturing of terminal blocks and their accessories. Special purpose terminal blocks with extremely high fire retardant features are also manufactured to order.


For more details on how Connectwell can custom build your terminal block order, contact us today.