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A single fertile idea can grow a bountiful harvest.
December 2021

See how Adhar is sowing the seeds of its self-reliance.


There are those that think of bettering the world. And then, there are those that elevate those ideas in a powerful way. Adhar is a wonderful fusion of this. A first-of-its-kind, community-based organisation that looks after specially-abled adults and children, the institute not only takes on the full responsibility of their lifetime care but also supports these individuals’ aged parents. A few months ago, while visiting the institute to discuss ways on how Adhar could generate additional revenue streams for its self-reliance objectives, Mr. Vijay Saheta, Connectwell MD, happened to glance outside the institute’s window. In an instant he realised what he was looking at - an asset that could support Adhar’s altruistic goals for life. On discussing it with Mr. Vishwas Gore, Adhar’s head of operations, a plan was put in place to utilise the vacant parcel of land surrounding the institute as a captive farm for fresh food and a source of income.

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Mr. Vijay Saheta was able to bring on-board the project his long-time friend Mr. Santosh Bhadsavle, an experienced Corporate Farmer and proprietor of Prerna Farms. From here, it was a journey that kept growing in its bounty for the people of Adhar. Under the able guidance of Mr. Santosh Bhadsavle, Adhar started cultivating a variety of vegetables. Over time, everyone got so enthusiastic and involved that they started to learn how they could add more value to their now prized farm asset. The people of Adhar allocated a special composting area where vegetable peels, table scraps, leaves and other organic matter was carefully managed to create a healthy organic fertilizer mulch. Then, it was discovered how the yield could be doubled in the same space by methods such as multi-tier intercropping. This innovative agricultural practice has seen Adhar grow vegetables at different heights. At the ground level, vegetables with low sunlight requirements are grown, while hanging vegetables such as snake gourd are grown on trellis-work above. With this harvest success, Adhar is not only be able to reduce its grocery bill by bringing fresh and healthy food to the institute, but the surplus crops are sold for income that the institute can use.