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Connectwell’s 8 Level Marshalling Terminal Blocks with Push-In Technology help shrink the size of marshalling cabinets and ease out their wiring.
June 2022

With the advent of Industry 4.0 and the realization that industrial control systems can be made much smarter, there has been an exponential increase in the number of sensors now being used in process control systems. With this there has also been a substantial increase in the number of field wires that need to be connected into control cabinets or field junction boxes. Connectwell’s 8 Level (CP8L32 Series) Terminal Blocks help reduce the complexity when terminating such dense field wiring and also help reduce the size of control cabinets and field junction boxes.

What exactly is marshalling and why does it need a special Terminal Block?

Each field junction box may have a large number of analog and digital sensors and actuators being terminated into them. These devices are then connected to the central control panel using 16 pair or 24 pair multi-core cables. So the cable that runs from the field junction box to the central control system can have both digital and analog signals and also both input and output signals. This creates a problem inside the control panel. How does an engineer now re-distribute these signals such that all signals of a type are routed to the correct DIgital or Analogue I/O module of the controller?


To answer this question a marshalling cabinet or marshalling control panel is used in which using either a single or sometimes two banks of terminal blocks the field wires are crossed over to the correct I/O module and correct channel of the controller. This process is called cross marshalling. Marshalling cabinets are the interface between field junction boxes and the system control panel. Marshalling Control Cabinets are one of the primary applications of 8 Level Terminal Blocks (CP8L32) that require extremely dense wiring from the field to be terminated into the I/O cards of the controller But the fact that these can take on the task of high density wiring makes them suitable for a broad range of applications which require a reduction in the size of the control panel along with easy identification and management of wires.

So how can an 8 Level Terminal Block with Push-In Technology help high density wiring applications like marshalling?


8 Level Construction - This allows for a very high wiring density, allowing for up to 32 individual connection points. This saves precious space inside control cabinets.




The Push-In Advantage - Push-In technology on these terminal blocks allows tool free and rapid wiring, which is a huge advantage when dealing with hundreds of wires.



Colour coded push buttons offer quick identification of termination points eliminating errors in wiring.




The compact design and the additional space allow for easy expansion of number of connections in case of any last minute changes and increase in I/Os



Completely closed design of CP8L32 ensures
safety of personnel and signals.




Each Level of the terminal block can be marked, allowing for creation of an identification matrix with the top level markers. This allows for each connection point to be easily identified with a two position marking identification.




Each Level has a redundant connection point which can help connect the redundant signal from the field or the control system.




Easy distribution of signals/power using internally shorted versions of the terminal blocks is also possible. For this purpose Connectwell provides two versions of CP8L32, namely CP8L32(I.S) for distributing a single potential across all 32 connection points and CP8L32(I.S)H which is divided into 2 sections allowing for distribution of two different potential levels across 16 connection points each.

Variants of CP8L32 Terminal Blocks

The only constant in the modern world is the fact that it will keep changing and becoming more complex. 8 Level marshalling Terminal Blocks with Push-In technology helps simplify your wiring and bring order to the complex world of marshalling and high density wiring.


You can see detailed specifications of CP8LTerminal Blocks Here




Connectwell, your right connection partner

Connectwell, your right connection partner

With more than 15 international product certifications backed by the most stringent quality standards, our products pass through more than 40 quality assurance tests. This has ensured a ready acceptance of Connectwell terminal blocks across 80+ countries and in thousands of projects and applications worldwide.

Through our 4 decades of experience with state-of-the-art operations which are ISO certified, Connectwell has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of terminal blocks in the world.

More than 1 million connections are made every day across the globe with Connectwell terminal blocks, making Connectwell a synonym for… the right connection.

So, if you would like to build your projects with a solution that can accommodate both dense and simple wiring, while saving panel space, ensure that you select Connectwell Multiple Level Terminal Blocks and get the added flexibility you need.

To know more about how Connectwell can contribute to your applications, please reach out to us at or +912517120600 / +912516762600


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