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Connectwell receives “GOLD WINNER IN MUDA CATEGORY”, in the 13th Edition of CII National 3M Competition.
November 2022

MUDA - It refers to processes or activities that don’t add value. These types of waste do not help business or technicians in any way. They increase costs and make tasks take much longer than they should.

MUDA Identification:

One such activity was identified by Connectwell team in our product CPF4 Terminal Block. CPF4 is designed for 2-Way & 10-Way Configurations. While installation of shorting links in the 2-way configuration was flawless, technicians were consuming way more time to install shorting links in the 10–Way configuration. Upon inspection we found out the below steps that were being followed

1. Technicians have to first manually detach the Fuse Carrier from the shell,

2. Insert the shorting links,

3. Place back the Fuse Carrier into the shell.

Out of the 3 steps, step 1 & step 3 were additional activities resulting in loss of overall productive time of technicians.

So the key challenge in front of the Design & Development Team at Connectwell, was

1. Eliminate these extra steps

2. To keep the overall dimensions of the Shell same.

The Solution:

While analyzing, the designers found out that Fuse Carrier shell was not opening enough for inserting the shorting links for the 10-Way configuration.

Reasons - the fulcrum movement was restricted to 80 degrees.

The designers at Connectwell came up with the a two-step solution

1. CPF4 shell and fuse carrier housing design was modified by elevating fulcrum rotating position upwards by 7 mm.

2. Fuse Carrier assembly rotation increased from 80˚ to 107˚ to open the contacts.   



1. Due to these changes, shorting links of 10-Way configuration can be inserted into the Terminal Block Assembly easily.

2. Increased rotating angle without increasing overall dimensions of the shell, thus keeping it compact and space saving setting.

3. The installation time was reduced by 60%.



Connectwell, your right connection partner

With more than 15 international product certifications backed by the most stringent quality standards, our products pass through more than 40 quality assurance tests. This has ensured a ready acceptance of Connectwell terminal blocks across 80+ countries and in thousands of projects and applications worldwide.

Through our 4 decades of experience with state-of-the-art operations which are ISO certified, Connectwell has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of terminal blocks in the world.

More than 1 million connections are made every day across the globe with Connectwell terminal blocks, making Connectwell a synonym for… The Right Connection.

So, if you would like to build your projects with a solution that can accommodate both dense and simple wiring, while saving panel space, ensure that you select Connectwell Multiple Level Terminal Blocks and get the added flexibility you need.

To know more about how Connectwell can contribute to your applications, please reach out to us at or +91 251 7120600 / +91 251 6762600


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