Our Quality Philosophy

Over the 40 years we have been manufacturing terminal blocks, we have always benchmarked ourselves against the most demanding standards in the world. And our goal at every stage has always been, to beat the benchmarks.

dot It begins at the beginning:

Quality has to begin where the manufacturing process begins — with the raw materials. Our UL compliant plastic materials are UV stabilized, Flame retardant and halogen free, to safely withstand the harshest environments. All the copper and alloys for our current conducting components are chosen for maximum conductivity and minimum contact resistance. All metal clamping components are crafted from steel alloys including stainless steel to ensure the highest corrosion resistance.

dot When the best works with the best:

Quality is integral to every aspect of our manufacturing process. We have spared no expense in sourcing the very best in manufacturing and testing equipment from around the world, to bring together a state-of-the-art, fully automated plant designed to consistently produce products of the highest quality. Except that we don’t rest on that assurance — we test it.

Flexion Test Bench
Glow Wire Test
High Voltage Test Equipment

dot Is our primary business quality control?

We admit it - we do take testing to a level beyond all reasonable expectations.

There are 38 different tests that a Terminal Block has to undergo to pass Connectwell’s obsessively demanding quality assurance program. Many of these are tests mandated by International Standards, but our tests don’t always stop there.After several decades of observing the unpredictable abuses our products often have to withstand, Connectwell’s tests frequently go beyond the accepted norms. A case in point is our 96 hour Salt Spray testing of electroplated metal parts. Or our enhanced torque requirement norms for our screw terminals - a full 50% higher than recommended values.

Inspecting Milli Volt Drop
Minus Temp In Test Chamber
Needle Flame Test Equipment

dot We are our toughest critics:

To ensure that the Terminals are tested with the right parameters, the testing conditions have to be accurate. In 2009 Underwriters Laboratories Inc. recognized the Connectwell Test Lab under the Witness Test Data Program. The Lab is also recognized under Witness Manufacturer’s Test program of IEC. Today the Connectwell Test Lab is recognized by major international testing bodies as a benchmark for customer-conducted testing.

Needle Flame Test
New Contact Measurement Microscope
Quality Dimension Check

dot Meeting every global and industry-specific standard:

Most of our Terminal Blocks are compliant with UL1059, UL486e standards for North American markets. They also comply with IEC 60947 standard for Terminal Blocks for the global markets. These standards ensure that Connectwell Terminal Blocks meet the requirements of the most demanding customers, anywhere in the world.

Moreover, to meet the Industry specific challenges and to satisfy the reliability requirements of specific industries, Connectwell Terminal Blocks also comply with the Lloyd’s Register and Bureau Veritas certification programs for Ship building and Marine Industry.

Some of the most stringent testing norms are recommended when Terminal Blocks are used in Hazardous Locations like Refineries, Petro Chemical plants and continuous process industries. Connectwell has a wide variety of Terminal Blocks compliant with ATEX, IECEx, AEex and IN Metro standards.

High Voltage Test
Salt Spray Chamber
Contact Resistance Test

dot How well you can correct also counts

Of course we leave nothing to chance. Of course we are obsessive about testing. But no system is perfect. What makes one better than the rest is how well — and how quickly — you can take corrective action when something goes wrong.

Our Automated Logistic centre enables complete traceability of materials, thereby enabling a robust batch management process. This is essential for implementing quality quarantines and product recalls, if they are ever needed.

dot Exceeding standards - and expectations

Over the last four decades, we have worked in every possible environment, from railways to critical process plants, from the oil and gas industry to power plants. And across all these applications, working with many different sets of customers, we have learnt one lesson we have taken to heart: no part, no component ever gets used exactly as it was designed to be used. Abuse in the field isn’t just a possibility — it is inevitable over the life of any product.

Which is why we go well beyond the benchmarks set by the world’s most respected standards in our product design and manufacture as well as our Quality Control.