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Braving the edge of volcanoes
Braving the edge of volcanoes
June 2021

Terminal Blocks that manage radiation power surges, moisture and sub-zero conditions of volcano monitoring stations in Alaska.

In the remote wilderness of Alaska, scientists monitor volcanoes through seismic activity, GPS enabled deformation-monitoring, infrasonic signals, as well as webcams. This year-round monitoring of potentially hazardous volcanoes helps provide data and early warnings so that loss of life, property and economic activity can be minimized.

The Challenge
Braving the edge of volcanoes

Our customer, the Alaskan Volcano Observatory, explained to us how the highly specialised sensors and electrical equipment chosen for its volcano studies are required to operate year-round through some of the most brutal weather conditions on earth.

- Extreme temperatures ranging from -40 to +85 degrees centigrade

- Constant exposure to high winds, corrosive gases and ash.

- Sudden power surges due to increase in background radiation

The Connectwell Solution

On understanding the nature of the operational use and the extremely demanding requirements of the solar power system, Connectwell presented the following solution.

- Screw Clamp technology product - with a proven track record of over 40 years in powering billions of connections under extremely harsh environments.

- Customized Terminal Block with built-in electronics to provide protection against power surge, reverse polarity and ease of replacement in case of failure.

- The specially designed CF4SP Terminal Block had a quickly and easily replaceable plug with built-in electronic protection, which was kept captive with the terminal itself.

- A completely populated DIN Rail with customized terminals. This enabled the customer to install it quickly in the junction box, delivering a savings in both manufacturing time and inventory costs.


Braving the edge of volcanoes
A Perfect Outcome

Connectwell’s customized Terminal Block and pre-populated DIN Rail assemblies continue to support the solar powered volcano measurement equipment in Alaska. From our conversations with our client, our product solution has stood up to the extreme Alaskan conditions near the volcanoes and has been performing well for years together, without failure.

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Braving the edge of volcanoes